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Amanda Sum Dissects Our “New Age Attitudes”

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, is a versatile alternative-pop recording artist and sweet singer-songwriter Amanda Sum with her new single, "New Age Attitudes," the lead single and title track off her upcoming debut album this fall.

Based in the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, Amanda Sum always knows how to put on a show, which has landed her as Theatre Replacement's current COLLIDER Artist in residence. Her work often grabs the soul with emotional alternative pop while also dabbling in the groovy worlds of jazz.

Amanda Sum's latest single, "New Age Attitudes, " brings listeners on a new and refreshing journey."

This song showcases Sum's ability to branch out into other genres and sounds, most notably jazz. Sum packs her heart and soul into this sweet and tender tune while allowing us to kick back and lose ourselves in the jazzy sonic serenity and profound lyrical meaning.

Heading into the new single, "New Age Attitudes," we're greeted with a minor-key-drenched keyboard melody alongside warm and tender brass instruments that gleam their way to the foreground. As Amanda Sum's airy and delicate vocals begin pouring through, she's accompanied by a serene French horn to amplify the song's deep meaning and emotion.

Dissecting Amanda Sum's lyrics content, she asks needed questions that call on someone to make a decision and prepare for the consequences of not thinking things through. "Labels turn into warnings," Sum sings, reminding us that labeling individuals and ourselves are a dangerous game for our mental health.

Ask questions and find your answers in Amanda Sum's cerebral and stunning new single, "New Age Attitudes," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amanda Sum. We love the soothing yet thoughtful vibe in your recent single, "New Age Attitudes." What was the main concept or lyrical theme you wanted to push in this piece?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you for listening and for having me! This is definitely one of my more broad-themed songs! But if I were to generalize it, this song is trying to pinpoint what it is to live in this day and age; where all your choices and decisions seemingly come with such high stakes, where it feels like whatever move you make, someone warned you against it, and where you’re searching for little simple pleasures to ground yourself when moving through an impending existential crisis. Haha! What inspired you to write the lyrics for "New Age Attitudes?" Did any moments or experiences leave you in need of a creative outlet? I think a lot was going on for me at the time I wrote this song. It was late November 2019, and I was finishing the last course of my undergrad, I was working on the biggest theatre contract I had ever been a part of, I was just beginning to question why I was steering towards making music when I would soon receive my degree in theatre creation, and I had just had my heart thrown around. I like to write in questions, and I had a lot of questions then. What was it like creating the blissful sonics and instrumentals for "New Age Attitudes?" Who helped bring that jazzy and poised sound to life?

This song was hands down my favorite song to write arrangements for!! The keys part that I’m playing is already quite jazzy, so I wanted the rest of the parts to help bring that out. Jamie Lee, who is playing drums on the track, was instrumental in helping to find that groove. Then I wrote some trumpet parts, played by Viola Sabean, synth bass, and pad parts, played by Mary Ancheta, and I had fun making a backup vocal arrangement, especially for the outro. I think the end serves as a huge question mark to the never-ending query that this song presents, so I wanted the outro to reflect that by having everything calling and responding to each other; a bit of a sound circus before its uncertain resolve chord at the end. Emily Millard is my producer, so I would run all my arrangement drafts by her, and she helped shape everything and kept the show running in the studio. How does the single "New Age Attitudes" help prepare listeners for what's to come on your debut album this fall? New Age Attitudes is the lead single and title track off the album because it is the big umbrella that the rest of the record huddles underneath! Both in theme and sonically. This single will prep you for more jazzy warmth, more odd time signatures, more questions, and maybe even some statements too.

What's next for you? Album-related, I’ve got some exciting music videos on their way out! It has been pretty dreamy. The album is made by an all-female team and played by an all-Asian female band. I think that rocks! And I hope to see more teams like this emerge, but it takes care, thought, time and effort, and I hope people understand that the work is worth it. Non-album-related, I’m working on some theatre projects, dancing in my living room, and watching flower arrangement videos.


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