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Amani Ciarra Exploits Her Vocal Range to Give Listeners an Impassioned Delivery in "Choosing Me"

Classically trained artist Amani Ciarra is here on BuzzMusic to display her utmost vocal ferocity in her latest single, "Choosing Me". Amani Ciarra, originating in Dover, DE, was raised with a strong passion for music. Playing a variety of instruments throughout her early time as an artist, Amani received a real sense of musicianship. Always dabbling in the sounds of jazz, Amani cultivated her passion for instruments and the use of instruments to impart a variety of feelings and emotions onto listeners. Her sound is striking, and the content of her music even more so. Amani's latest work, "Choosing Me", embodies her real sense of passion for the art of music, and her vocal capabilities will most likely stun your senses. "Choosing Me" initially unravels itself with a rich and lush vocal tone. Amani Ciarra showcases her vocal range right from the start, where listeners become face-to-face with the emotional features Amani Ciarra effortlessly brings to her sound. "Choosing Me" can come off as overwhelming at some parts, where we felt so deeply connected to the expressions of Amani Ciarra. You can easily denote that Amani Ciarra cultivated her sound with grace, as "Choosing Me" is explosive in many articulate ways. "Choosing Me" reflects all parts of Amani's artistry--the jazzy components mixed with vivid soul and passionate pop elements. Amani Ciarra creates a dramatically appealing listening environment with "Choosing Me", which makes the track one of our favorites heard this past week! We're staying tuned for where Amani Ciarra continues to flourish with her sound.

Check out Amani Ciarra in her single "Choosing Me" here.



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