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Ambient Pop Songstress Beca Is Back With “The Secrets That We Keep”

Across the country from New York City to Los Angeles, dance disco diva Beca creates sultry and alluring ambient pop, leaving you spellbound at first listen. The gifted musician and Juilliard School graduate showcases her expansive knowledge through her intimate lyrics. Beca re-imagines '80s/'90s pop and fuses dreamy synths into an ethereal sonic sphere. Releases include Let’s Run Wild and Born To Fly EPs via UK label This Is Music Ltd, her debut LP Ecliptic, and the most recent In Deep Love EP. Live concerts have spanned the US, Europe, and Mexico, as well as CMJ, SXSW, Sundance, POP Montreal, and NXNE. 

Beca’s latest release titled “The Secrets That We Keep” has been masterfully crafted, it emerges as a down-tempo ambient offering, mellow and digitally programmed yet rhythmic and smooth enough to create a mood. The lyrics whisper melodic, poetic fragments of thought into the room, laying out “The Secrets That We Keep” in the most engaging and beautiful way. It’s a pleasure putting words to this kind of audio experience, but the only way to really understand it is to turn up the music and let it wash over you. Though the music presents a certain softness by nature, the best way to listen is categorically at volume. “The Secrets That We Keep” comes raining down around you with a hypnotic air of grace, and a few inspiring positive thoughts that linger with you after listening. Escapism at its finest. Creativity and professionalism have intertwined beautifully with Beca’s new song and she always leaves us wanting more! 


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