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“Ambivalent Lover” By Mt. Vernon Sets The Standard For Today’s Electronic Music

Warren Davidson, or better known as Mt. Vernon is an electronic music project originating from Columbus, Ohio. He produces a variety of electronic genres including house and downtempo. Mt. Vernon has his own flair that makes him standout from other artists in his category by keeping his music original and innovative. Mt. Vernon prides himself among creating art that is imaginative and unconventional.

He recently released an album titled “Lust” with eight captivating and crowd-pleasing tracks that truly showcases his ability and talent. His work provides a feel-good vibe that’s perfect for getting any kind of party started. “Ambivalent Lover” starts off as light and airy, then transforms into a full-bodied, hypnotizing beat that will surely elevate your mood. Mt. Vernon executed this track in every way possible and I am here for it! After listening to “Ambivalent Lover” I feel completely mesmerised by the way the rhythm makes me feel. The song really sets a positive atmosphere that makes it impossible to not hit repeat. When I listen to “Ambivalent Lover” I catch myself getting up and dancing every time, along with the rest of Mt.Vernon’s tracks on his new album! Mt. Vernon is definitely an artist to keep on the lookout for!

Listen to "Ambivalent Lover" here and get to know more about Mt. Vernon below!

Hey Mt. Vernon! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us a little more about yourself and background in music?

Yeah of course! So I started taking music seriously after leaving college in 2013 after a dark time in my life made me realize what true happiness was for me. It started as meditative/trance music as a way to escape from the craziness of life and to connect with the greater forces in the universe. Since then, I’ve focused on using music as my outlet to express who I am and what I feel day to day through sound. It’s been an amazing journey full of surprises and connections with people who I would’ve never been close to without it so I am extremely grateful for the process. 

We love your hit “Ambivalent Lover”! What is your favorite part about it and why?

Thank you!! My favorite part would be the blend of genres between funk/soul and how the lyrics tell a story about loving someone who you probably shouldn’t love. It’s the inner conflict a lot of us go through in a relationship where we know we shouldn’t fully trust someone, yet our heart won’t let us see the truth. And it’s groovy as hell.

What makes “Ambivalent Lover” different from all of your other work?

A lot of my music is simply instrumental with a few vocal chops created in studio, but Ambivalent Lover is full blown story telling in its lyricism. It’s also a different direction in its composition with a huge focus on a more “pop-song” layout and my first go at a true Funk song. 

Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

It comes from everywhere all the time. When I was younger I was inspired by Trent Reznor, old funk music like Curtis Mayfield and Earth Wind and Fire, but today it comes from artists like STRFKR, Com Truise, Tycho, etc. I’m also heavily influenced by emotions; I try to convey how I’m feeling at a certain time in my life through sound which leaves the door wide open for all types of music. A lot my music doesn’t really make sense to me until the entire album is finished and I can look back and say “Ah yes I was feeling that way at that time.” It’s always a fun surprise and a therapeutic look into the subconscious.

Can we expect any other releases in 2019?

Currently I am working on some new music as a drummer/producer for a new band here in Columbus. We will be releasing our EP this summer and you can find updates through my Instagram. As for Mt. Vernon, I’ll be working on new music this summer with a release in either the fall/spring 2020. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and reach out, I love connecting with people so definitely come say hello!


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