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Amelia Michelle Takes Our Breath Away With Her Vocal Stylings on, "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)"

Hailing from Houston, the 17-year-old Singer/Songwriter Amelia Michelle takes the Alt-Pop/R&B scene by storm with her ear-pleasing single, "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)." At such a young age, Amelia Michelle has made waves across genres like Alternative-Pop and R&B. She continues as a force to be reckoned within the industry, especially with her latest single "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)," Amelia Michelle brings life and a naturally organic flair through her brilliant vocal stylings.

The track takes listeners on a sweet-sounding ride through a blend of Alt-Pop and R&B, giving us the deep sub-bass that Alt-Pop provides while deepening the track with textured R&B drum patterns.

Not to mention Amelia Michelle's brilliant vocal layering, the track is oozing with depth. "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)" opens with airy synths that rain down from above and give the track a spiced up R&B aspect. Once Amelia Michelle's sharp soprano vocals enter, the supporting production blisters our speakers with haunting and irresistible sub-bass that perfectly evens out the track's sonics.

What acts as the track's strong point is Amelia Michelle's mesmerizing layered vocals that deliver an especially whole sound, naturally keeping us locked in. Legaci's bars are the perfect feature for an atmospheric track like this, as he begins to paint pictures of healing from past love through unhealthy habits. While Amelia Michelle closes the track with equally heart-aching lyricism, we can't help but place ourselves as the main character in this profoundly intriguing hit.

Amelia Michelle continues to astound us through her angelic vocals on textured tracks like "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)," and we're highly aware of the growth she's made by raising the bar with each single.

Hello Amelia and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're highly impressed with the depth and texture within your latest single, "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)." Could you tell us what inspired the song's passionate and melancholy lyricism?

I never have written from the perspective of a character. So I really wanted to try something new lyrically. I knew that someone with substance abuse would have a lot of emotions and a lot to say. I tried to portray one with substance abuse’s perspective while also spreading awareness of the growing addiction issue.

We can't get enough of the heated production within "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)." How did you go about merging genres like Alt-Pop and R&B to deliver such an intricate yet intriguing atmosphere?

I really wanted to make sure that the production of the song was as deep at the lyrics. So adding a deep baseline and 808s added to the texture of the song. As far as the melody goes I made sure it was repetitive enough but also it told a story along to the lyrics and really complimented the lyrics.

Could you tell us why you wanted a male's verse within "Never Enough (feat. Legaci)?" Do you feel that Legaci's verse adds a back and forth between your vocals and his bars?

I wanted a male verse on the song because I feel like it broadened the perspective and added some diversity. I always like to add an alternative verse or chorus to keep my listeners engaged so adding a male verse to the song just felt right.

How has Houston's music scene pushed you to create? Would you say that your sound has been influenced by Houston and the city's music scene?

There are so many hardworking talented people here, it has inspired me to push myself and my music to be the best that I can be. I would say some of my sounds have definitely been influenced by Houston.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

This year I’ve been staying inspired by just growing my craft. I’m constantly trying to learn and put myself out there. 


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