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Amy Elizabeth’s Invigorating Music Is Worth the Hype!

Amy Elizabeth is an amazing artist who is going to make a huge name for herself in the industry. She released the trailblazing EP, “Roots” with an amazing single to match. Her song titled “Mockingbird” will move you into dimensions you don’t expect yourself to be moved in. the immaculate single has a vast range of elements but a strong feeling of warmth that’s contagiously attacking its listeners. Amy Elizabeth deserves to be mentioned with the top dogs of the music industry. Her work-ethic alongside well-crafted music makes her a one of a kind artist.

Amy Elizabeth will have you fully invested in her music the moment you hear the first note and melody she sings. She just has one of those invigorating and inviting voices that you can’t help but find yourself immensely attracted to. Amy Elizabeth proves her talent in the EP “Roots” but reminds you in the single “Mockingbird”. Do we really need much proof of her talent though when the numbers are speaking for itself? Her one of kind music is a contagiously memorable form of art that we feel deserves every amount of recognition it deserves. We’re undoubtedly certain that her music will carry her far into her own individual legacy that she and we will remember forever.

Listen to Amy Elizabeth's music here!

We are so happy to have you as our Artist of the Day Amy! Would you mind telling us and our readers how your 2019 has been?

2019 has been such an amazing year!  I released one single and an EP and I’m just now getting to see their successes!  All of my original songs were accepted into a couple of different network libraries for future use in TV shows, so I’m excited to see the results in the coming year. 

How has 2019 impacted your career?

I think 2019 definitely laid the groundwork for the future of my career.  I got to work with some really great world-class musicians, producers, and engineers that really brought things to a new level.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020!

Let’s talk about your EP, “Roots”. What was the major theme behind this project? Which songs do you feel best to represent that?

“Roots” definitely tells a life story.  I wanted to do a set of songs that not only reflected life’s lessons and hardships, but that also gave a real picture of what it’s like to overcome challenges too.  The EP starts off with a song called “When Trouble Wrecks Your Home” which tells the story of life being uprooted unexpectedly.  “Lowlands” is actually a cover of a song included on the Ozark Mountain Daredevils album titled “It’ll Shine When It Shines.”  I actually picked this album up in a record store in Springfield, MO and just got obsessed with that song in particular.  It’s a song largely about overcoming fear, so I thought it was the perfect choice for the EP.  “Crossroads” probably the most emotional song of the group.  It’s really about completely failing at a new relationship due to the last one being really terrible.  Recovery isn’t always pretty, tied up in a nice package.  “Roots” is the title track of the EP and it’s really about recognizing that life is hard sometimes, but it’s those life struggles that you learn and grow from the most.

What were some challenges you stumbled upon during the creation of “Roots”?

First of all, finding the right sound was probably the most difficult thing for me.  I was really at a loss for ideas!  I essentially put these songs up for grabs from a production standpoint, just to see who would come back with any good ideas.  Once I heard that baritone guitar theme in Roots, I knew that was the direction the songs needed to go!  The other challenge was that no one was really ever in the same room at one time!  Those parts were recorded in commercial studios, but also in home studios and even in hotel rooms!  I was always on the road playing dueling piano shows, the producer was touring with John Mellencamp, so it became a juggling act of stopping by whichever studio I was closest to at the time and flying tracks back and forth.  In the end, I think parts were recorded in Kansas City, Springfield, MO, Indianapolis, Nashville, and somewhere in Canada, I believe!  It was certainly a lot to juggle!  I’ve got to give props to the producer, Troye Kinnett, for totally knocking these arrangements out of the park.  

Can you detail to us your songwriting process behind your single “Mockingbird”?

I’m a pretty fast songwriter.  I’m usually driving in my car or on a break at work when I get an idea and just start to write.  Lyrics and melody always come to me first.  I wrote Mockingbird while I was packing my things, getting ready to move again.  I didn’t demo that song until a year later and it wasn’t finished until a year even after that.   

What’s next for you Amy Elizabeth? We cant wait to hear new music from you in 2020!

I’ve got new music coming for sure!  I started a full-length album in Nashville this summer, so the EP version will be available in 2020 for sure.  I’m taking a bit of a new direction and experimenting with new sounds and instrument combinations, so I’m pretty excited to see how everything turns out! 



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