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Amy Jaime Concludes 2021 With A Timeless Single

Pop/r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Amy Jaime pairs up with Travis Foster to put an end to 2021 with her forthcoming single, "Time of My Life." The Las Vegas-hailing recording artist does it all and began singing at the mere age of nine. Since then, Amy Jaime delved into sports, photography, film, and started her own clothing brand—nothing compared to the passion she felt when creating music. Amy Jaime prides herself on creating a catalog of fresh, unique music that grabs the listeners' attention, which is perfectly reflected in her upcoming single, "Time of My Life." After a private listen, we can attest that Amy Jaime and Travis Foster's new single is the perfect way to end such a dreadful and turbulent year. Amy Jaime's confidence and warm vocals alongside Travis Foster's deep and rhythmic flow deliver the collaboration of the year in this exciting and vibrant electro-r&b hit. Although 2021 tested all of us, Amy Jaime and Travis Foster are here to remind us to keep our heads held high with their groovy new single. Keep an eye out for Amy Jaime's refreshing new single, "Time of My Life," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Amy Jaime, we are loving “Time Of My Life” and really resonate with your messages of positivity and turning a new leaf into the new year. Can you tell us a bit more about your inspiration behind the track?

When I first got the beat who was produced by local Las Vegas producer Zerarti I was actually pretty nervous to record on this beat. I was very inspired by Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” and I wanted to experiment and see what I could do on this track. This song was all very experimental it’s something I haven’t ever done before but I wanted to bring my career to different horizons. I wanted this track to be a positive affirmation for the new year. Leave the bad in the past and ring in the new year with new goals and affirmation.

We are really loving Tavis Foster’s verse on the track as well. What was the collaboration process like for you two? Had you worked together in the past before?

The collaboration process between the both of us is usually all laughs because we both have worked in the past together. Tavis was one of my first features I have had when I released my first single “Paranoid”.

We love your energy in this song and your openness to trying out a variety of genres. Is there any genre you have in mind that you’d like to explore next that you haven’t already?

I would absolutely love to do reggaeton. I am extremely proud of my roots and would love to potentially work on more Spanish music in 2022.

As we start off 2022, are there any moments from 2021 in terms of music or personal growth that made the year special for you?

The personal growth that was made in my career was to not rush, to be patient. Most importantly quality will always win over quantity.

What's next? What’s next for me?

An EP, a few Collaborations, and a charity event that will be held on January 23rd are in store and I can’t wait to show my fans what else I have to show throughout the year.

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