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Amy Jaime Has A ‘’Secret’’

Amy Jaime’s new song ‘’Secret’’ has everything to be a perfect hit. "Secret" has a very catchy beat, and in addition to Amy's beautiful voice, it seems kind of hypnotic.

Amy Jaime is a superhero. In her short life, she has been involved in sports, photography, film, clothing, and music. When you start your young career, like Amy at 9, your musical talent has grown and developed every step.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, young Amy is promoting the drop of her catalog, which includes some fresh tunes as part of the inauguration of her musical career. Considering that this is just the beginning of her career, her music sounds like she has been doing this for years!

Amy Jaime has a lovely voice and does a great job balancing singing and rapping. Her inspiration is clear, flirty songs with R & B and pop influence. ‘’Secret’’ is a very enticing song that hits all the right notes.

The beat is bright and powerful, the lyrics are sexy and fresh, and the infectious vibes will have you dancing to the rhythm of the music. The lyrics of the song are not meant to be deep or sophisticated; it is all about connecting with the rhythm and enjoying.

Dance off to this sensual song. Let the music invade your body and let loose! ‘’Secret’’ is but a sample of what is to come when Amy Jaime becomes a success!

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amy Jaime, and congratulations on your latest release, "Secret." What inspired you to take create "Secret?"

My inspiration for "secret" was inspired by a past relationship that failed, which caused me to fall in love with that person in my head while he didn’t know.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

I draw most of my inspiration from my past romantic experiences.

Can you share the creative process behind ‘’Secret?" The creative process started at a studio I was working out of in Atlanta at the time. My engineer and I pulled up the beat and instantly loved the melodies I was coming up with. He told me to write about a past relationship that didn’t work out. I got to work, and that’s how "secret" came to life. What's the message you want people to take away from "Secret?"

The message I want people to take for "secret" is to understand that it’s okay if a relationship doesn’t work out with one person. It’s okay to feel upset, angry and hurt. Feelings are valid. What's next for you? I am currently working on my debut album titled “Dream Come True” and hosting a food drive in November for my community.


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