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Amy Lyons Storms 'Out of the Ashes,' in Her Recent EP

The Sydney-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Amy Lyons expands on personal growth and rediscovering her happiness in a new 4-track EP, 'Out of the Ashes.'

Through her cinematic storytelling and alluring vocal stylings, Amy Lyons is able to set herself apart from the mundane with help from her fiery red hair, which used to be a hindrance to her but now emphasizes her originality. With influences like Lady Gaga, Adele, and Ariana Grande, Amy Lyons is able to deliver her unique and introspective ballads over top of her bright synth-pop melodies.

Now releasing her empowering and thorough 4-track EP, 'Out of the Ashes,' Amy Lyons mentioned that the project stems from her inner bravery of walking through the flames only to come out of the ashes stronger than ever. Opening the project with the introductory track, "I Was Wrong," the song begins with a cinematic introduction through a wavy synth arrangement, a chilling string section, and a powerful piano melody. As Amy Lyons begins to elaborate on inner-doubt and feeling timid to step foot into a new relationship, she later realizes how wrong she was to assume she'd get hurt while reminding listeners to give everyone the chance they deserve.

Moving into the second track, "Over and Over," Amy Lyons takes on a more emotional and saddening instrumental atmosphere through a tender piano melody that opens the song alongside her transcendent vocal abilities. Listeners can hear Amy Lyons expand on having nothing without pain, especially after enduring such a tumultuous relationship with someone who not only made her feel insecure but unwanted. As a celestial and warm synth makes its melodic appearance alongside a chilling string section, Amy Lyons makes her way to the song's compelling outro while reminding listeners that it's always darkest before dawn.

Brightening the atmosphere with the third track, "Never Could," the song opens with a beaming piano melody alongside a thumping 808 and Amy Lyons' upbeat vocal portrayal. As the hearty beat drops into a more organic tone with a blazing bassline and a plucky electric guitar, Amy Lyons attempts to be okay with the fact that her ex found happiness with someone new. As the instrumentals continue to develop into this bold and brilliant sonic atmosphere, Amy Lyons continues her upbeat performance while offering her relatable and deeply personal lyrics for anyone to cherish.

Reaching the EP's outro and title track, "Out of the Ashes," the track begins with a warm and shimmering sonic introduction that sparkles with its upbeat drum arrangements and soothing synth melodies. As we delve deeper into Amy Lyons' lyricism, we can feel the EP's storyline come to a happier ending as she expands on rising out of the ashes after walking through the fire of sadness and turmoil. We adore the uplifting and empowering feel of this track, as it not only closes the project on a bright and optimistic note but it perfectly ends the EP's entire storyline.

Dive into the relatable and conceptual storyline of Amy Lyons' debut EP, 'Out of the Ashes,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Amy Lyons. What a compelling and empowering listening experience you've provided with your latest 4-track EP, 'Out of the Ashes.' What inspired you to track your emotional growth through an in-depth EP?

Thank you so much! I was inspired to track my emotional growth through my EP as it wouldn’t have even existed without it. Without that growth, I never would have had the confidence in myself to pick up that pencil and write about it. I felt it was important and necessary to show others that you can overcome your own inner battles and to be thankful for the experience it gives to make you stronger than ever.

Who produced your EP 'Out of the Ashes?' What was it like working with the producer(s) and navigating the EP's sonic vibe and atmosphere?

My EP was produced by two local Sydney producers, Rick Austin and Dominic Cabusi. It was a lot of fun working with these guys and being my first EP, it was all a new and nerve-wracking, but exciting experience. We definitely seemed to be on the same page most of the time, which was amazing and not always common with three different sets of ears and ideas. I felt they perfectly captured the atmosphere from my reference songs to give the EP the sonic, electro-pop vibe I was after.

Was it easy to write such open and honest lyricism for your EP 'Out of the Ashes?' What was the most challenging aspect of your creative process?

Writing the EP definitely brought out alot of raw emotions that I hadn’t fully explored until then. I think I wrote as honestly as I could, without sounding like a total mess. Some feedback I got from my lyricism in ‘Over and Over’ is that the words can be quite literal at times, and I love writing like that because it feels more authentic to me. The most challenging aspect of my creative process for the EP was condensing the lyrics. I felt I could have written 5 more verses for ‘Out of the Ashes’, but I eventually managed to make those cuts for it to be radio-friendly.

Is there a specific track within 'Out of the Ashes' that's your personal favorite? What makes you so drawn to that song in particular?

It is so hard to pick my favorite track from the EP! They’re all like my children and that’s why I chose to release each of them individually. In terms of the final product and how the song sounds and makes me feel, I really love ‘I Was Wrong’. But I am always drawn towards ‘Out of the Ashes’ because of how reflective and personal the lyrics are.

If there was one perspective or message that listeners could take away from 'Out of the Ashes,' what would you want that to be?

I definitely want my listeners to feel empowered and to be kind and patient with themselves. Everyone has insecurities and I don’t think you ever really let go of them completely. I learned that it’s only up to you to learn how to drown out that negative little voice and to listen to that confident voice that tells you to chase your dreams. I hope that my music can be a comfort and give a push to whoever needs the motivation to allow themselves to get to a healthier headspace.


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