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An Abundance of Unique Flows in “B.A.F” by Kid Yung

Kid Yung is an emerging artist from the southside of Chicago. With a numerous amount of substantial moments in is artistic upbringing, Kid Yung’s music takes on serious matters, but with a light-hearted approach. Actively making videos, producing songs, and performing at venues, his focus as an artist has made a profoundly positive impact on his fans. Usually making songs with a hip-hop feel with them (Hot Spot, Radiant Vibes), Kid Yung’s latest hit “B.A.F” (prod by ILLUID HALLER), showcases an experimental-flow side of Kid Yung. It shows his listeners and fans that he can step up and take on any style of music.

B.A.F” starts with some gentle bell-like sounds that give the track some vibrant bounce. The song continues to build in instruments, however when the percussion comes in something different happens. I think the drums come in on an off-beat, which really makes “B.A.F” hit the listener in a different way musically. I think it’s a nice way of changing up the musical space, rather than always having every instrument play on-beat. As “B.A.F” continues, Kid Yung’s vocal start to appear. He also starts his flow on an off-beat of the song, further showcasing his artistic abilities. To be honest, I have no idea how Kid Yung stays on the beat with “B.A.F”, it is very impressive. Adding just the right amount of artistic ability and positive presence, “B.A.F” hits its listeners extremely well, and lets us know Kid Yung isn’t afraid of experimentation.

Listen to "B.A.F" here.

Hey Kid Yung! Welcome to BuzzMusic, our team is more than excited to be representing you and your latest song “B.A.F” (prod by ILLUID HALLER). A lot of your songs tell tough stories from your past, and how you reflect them in a more positive light now. Being an artist, you have the opportunity to expose yourself and spread your message across a platform. Do you get a lot of fan support over social media, and do you have any cool stories/collaborations with those interactions?

Yes! I feel like most of my fan base is made from my social media platforms. I use to be afraid of making fans over the web at first because I thought people would think of me like a ghost. After a while, I just got used to ways I should encounter potential fans over the web. I actually got a feature on my upcoming from a person I hit up on Instagram. In my case, it's all about positivity and being humble. Keeping those things in mind helps make my fan base rapidly grow!

We can see that you have way superior rap skills, but you do a bit of producing as well. Where did you come up with the producer tag “KnappyWorldBeats”, and how many of songs of your own to you rap over?

I use to go by the name "Greg_IDKDFN_" but I thought it was too personal. So I wanted to give off a specific trait of myself and that's me having nappy hair. Sooner or later I started taking the name seriously and wanted to start sharing my beats with the world. "Knappy" plus "world" was created. I actually recorded a whole 18 track album that's been taking down all platforms. But I do have many other songs I recorded that I produced such as 'Fake Smiles, Keep On Going ft. Anaiet, Nike, Sum Bullshit & What' All from the KYMT 2 project. Everything else off the project was from youtube haha.

Mention to us before, you also have some skills as a skateboarder and a comedian! What kind of skateboarding do you do (Street or Park), and what comedy style do you perform in?

Street Skate for LIFE!! Nah but I do skate parks but I prefer the streets. It makes me feel more professional. I make comedy skits with my friends. Most of the time about things we can relate to personally or ideas that we just find hilarious. I plan on making some more funny stuff soon.

Your style of music hits listeners with hip-hop, R&B, and some fusion genres as well. Is there any plan to try and incorporate all those styles in a new album? Any projects in the horizon?

Most definitely! I have a project called Process of Creation (POC) dropping May 20th. It's mainly Hip-Hop/R&B but I do want to expand my set of the genre. Hopefully, for my next project, I will try to be more open to that process of creating.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Shows, shows, and more shows!! New project, new Music video on the way!! Hopefully more skateboarding and Hopefully a label but we'll see!


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