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An Artist With A Voice To Be Heard, $eizeure Released His Single “Get Moneyy”

izeure is a 19-year-old musician who was raised in the small town of Gary, Indiana. Not too many people other than Michael Jackson have made it out this city. An Artist with an powerful background story, $eizeure grew up in poverty & didn’t have much he still remembers other than doing homework by the candlelight and pouring his jugs of water in the back of the toilet just to flush. Even memories of suffering from homelessness and the abrupt death of his father after his 13th birthday. This caused $eizeure to suffer from depression at an early age. Despite his father death, $eizeure still holds the positive memory of riding around town with his dad listening to the icons of Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind And Fire, and Anthony Hamilton. Being teased in school because of his appearance didn’t help $eizeure with his depression, instead, it caused him to gain anger and delinquency in his behavior. As $eizeure grew older, he started his new life in Dallas, Texas. He stayed in Dallas from his 8th-grade year up to his first year in college where he was arrested for a weed charge and spent the night in jail.

$eizeure began making beats when he was only 15 years old on a program called Acid Pro. As $eizeure continued developing his craft, his brother introduced him to his old recording equipment when he was 16, however, he wasn’t able to begin recording until his 18th birthday. He recorded his first ever song with his sister’s boyfriend. Wondering how the stage name came from? He got the name $eizeure from his mother’s panic attacks and personal seizures he’s experienced in his life. $eizeure released his first record on SoundCloud titled “Geeked up Free$tyle”, and since then he has never stopped making music.

$eizure released the single titled “Get Moneyy” off his upcoming album, “Epilep$y” which is coming out this fall. We took a listen to this track and we loved every bit of it! The vibe of the record was super trendy and appealing to the taste of the current generation in which we loved. $eizeure has an honest approach to his lyricism while keeping the balance between authenticism and charisma. He was able to deliver witty bars with good energetic radiation to keep the listener feeling hip and hype! “Get Moneyy” is a fun and outgoing tune that would have your local summer functions feeling right! $eizeure is a ground-breaking new artist, skilled in many areas in which includes rapping and production. We can’t wait to see what this young, and promising star on the rise has up his sleeve next!

Check out the track and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic $eizeure! You shared a powerful background story with us. In what ways has your upbringing impacted your artistry today?

Thanks for having me and for this amazing opportunity. My childhood was rough but like in everything there was good moments i remember riding around listening to neo-soul with my mother, jazz and Funk with my father,and getting up at like 3 oclock in the morning watching punk rock videos with my older sister on mtv. I found a love for all genres and because of that love i chose to be very versatile with my art you never know what to expect going into a seizeure project and you never will. I find it refreshing to change things up and keep people guessing.

What was the most challenging aspect of production for you when you began making beats? Do you still face the same obstacles when producing as you did when you were 15? Or is it much easier now!?

Honestly the most challenging aspect of production for me was not fully understanding the software and not being able to make the beats i heard in my head sound like the beats i made but years of learning a familiarizing myself with the program those challenges are nothing but a distant memory that i look back on and laugh at now.

Do you personally prefer to craft the beat or record the song?

It just depends i love to do both equally but i find myself often recording more than i make beats but a large number of my records are produced by me like GETT MONEYY i made the drums and i got the melody from a cinematic loop kit so it really all depends on how I'm feeling when I'm in the studio that day.

Tell us about your record “Get Moneyy”, what was the major theme behind it?

To go and get your money and don't let your self doubt,haters,or these. girls and for girls don't let these boys hold u back from realizing your true power and potential. walk your divine path fearlessly, believe in yourself and your ability and boss up.

What’s next for you $eizeure?

This summer is going to be crazy on my end honestly, I'm planning on dropping a mixtape every month for the rest of this year and I've already started i just dropped my new EP RED $KYYZ 2 on my IGTV the sequel to my first ever EP i dropped a minute ago so you can expect a lot more music and a lot more moments from me in the coming months, so stay tuned.


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