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An Exclusive Look Into F4CADE's New Music Video "Carpet"

After forming earlier in 2019, straight out of the world-famous Brit School; Brittish Performing Arts and Technology, F4CADE is sliding into the Indie music world so smoothly with the release of their new single “Carpet”. After being immediately snapped up by Nile Rodgers to play at his Meltdown Festival in London, F4CADE has been selling out events all across London. The unique synth sound of their music will take you through your day wherever and whenever.

We are feeling this music video and so will you. The vocals in "Carpet" are taken to a new level in this track with an angelic atmosphere. The back and forth blending of the voices and sounds produce a very catchy, genuine and pure vibe that is ultimately alluring. We are very impressed with their ability to maintain a haunting but enjoying ambiance throughout the video. The soft and soothing voice along with the 80s living theme with dark rooms and bright candles lit everywhere sets the perfect mood for the music video.

F4CADE is making music in such a way that it will have you changing your perspective on indie music as a whole. With ongoing concerts across London, the band is working hard on their next release which we are super excited to hear. Tune in and watch the full video below.


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