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An Iconic Approach To Electronic Music Mad In The Hat Releases New Song “Colors”

David Cannava, has become one of the most sought after Drummers in Denver, playing with top local bands and winning awards. As a YouTube sensation, hailed by his many fans as “The Best Drummer on YouTube” and repeatedly lauded for “syncopation at its finest”. David eventually got contacted by Roland with an offer as one of their featured artists. It was then when he ended up performing in various clubs around Los Angeles and propelled the birth of “MitH”.

Mad In The Hat released their new single titled “Colors” collaborating with the electric STEEGS to fabricate an trailblazing hit! The bar was raised with this sprawling record. The percussion-soaked song is an soon to be classic hit that sticks out in its own lane, separate from any other song you’ve heard before! Rich in complexity and soaked in electricity, “Colors” shows various elements of different musical genres that merged together to create a wholly experience you will find yourself hypnotized by. The well-rounded and exhilarating vocals helped accompany the hybrid drumming. The Maestro brings music to life, brings his fans through the darkness and back into the light and forces each one of us to experience the self through the collective consciousness of this new event. He is bringing live performance back to the stage, breaking up the monotony and creating the next step in the evolution of electronic music. Blending ancient with futuristic, the new age representation of high-energy electronic music is here!

Listen to "Colors" here and connect with Mad In The Hat on social media for all new music, videos and updates!

Hey Mad In The Hat! Care to introduce yourselves?

My name is David Cannava. I’m am the Maestro and Drummer (in the Hat), and I’m creating the next evolution in electronic music. 

What are some challenges you guys have faced during your careers?

I came to Los Angeles to be a professional drummer but realized there’s a very limited cap on what you can do if you’re not the one actually creating. So I set out to become the one who creates and controls everything, but from behind a drum set. I had to learn to write, produce, and direct.

How do you overcome these challenges?

I overcome these challenges though dedication to learning each of the new crafts. I just try to keep creating and get better and better at each turn. I also started to work with mentors, Dave Yaden and Jim Huff,  who wrote and produced alongside me. This helped me jump to a level I could not have achieved by myself. 

Tell us a little bit about your single “Colors” and the meaning behind it!?

I’m creating an electronic show that has a story to it. It’s a dive into your own consciousness to discover the greatness within yourself. We wrote this song with the idea of first arriving down the “rabbit hole” where everything is new, colors are coming at you from many different directions, and your experiencing these emotions for the first time. 

What was the most difficult aspect in creating “Colors” ?

I had never written or produced before. I worked with multi-platinum producer, Jim Huff, and outstanding vocalist, Clara Stegall, to end up creating my first single. 

Who are some of your musical influences that have helped share your career in the music industry?

My father, Greg Cannava, Zoro (drummer for Earth Wind and Fire, and Lenny Kravitz), Steve Jordan (world class session drummer), were my main drumming inspirations. Then I looked to many great producers and writers (Skrillex, Sia, Diplo, Swedish House Mafia) for ideas and inspiration of people who innovated and channeled their own sounds. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

We are taking the show live. Trying different avenues and looking for opportunities to perform the vision I’m creating in my mind. I want to give the experience to the audience where they feel they are watching a movie, at an electronic festival, with full features and a narrative. 


Connect with Mad In The Hat on social media:

Instagram- @madinthehatdrums

Twitter- @madinthehatdrum

Facebook- @madinthehatdrums


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