An Introduction to Vancouver's Professional Pianist and Composer Benson Lai

Hi Benson, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I was born and raised in Edmonton AB, Canada which is a moderate sized city of a million in Western Canada. My background is a professional pianist and composer for media. I have branched out and also became a singer/songwriter/producer over the years. I am a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar and sing as well. 

Knowing that you received a degree in Biological Sciences. Is piano playing more so a hobby that you've turned into a part-time career? Do you plan on perusing music full time?

I actually went to Nursing school after I obtained my Science degree and became a Registered Nurse whereby I work full time during the day. I split my time through 3 musical endeavors. I have my own piano studio that I teach once a week, play piano gigs locally in the hospitality industry and run an audio production company writing music for a variety of projects in the film, television and video game industries. I currently just work on my music part time but eventually hope to transition to it as my primary career eventually. I love playing the piano but enjoy writing music more as my love is to emotionally enhance projects with my own compositions and songs.

Mind telling our readers a little bit about "SOCAN"?

SOCAN is the performing rights organization in Canada much like BMI and ASCAP is in the United States. 4. What has been your most memorable moment thus far in your career? The most memorable moment so far as a composer is having my music placed in a independent feature film based in San Francisco California called "The Minds of Men" directed by Sean Shing. A romantic comedy based from the perspective of men.