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Anuahyahu Drops “Watcha Life ‘Bout” And We Have It On Repeat

Anuahyahu is an upcoming artist quickly rising up the ladder with his biblical Hip Hop coined songs. From North Minneapolis, MN, Anauahyahu aims to reflect what we go through as set-apart people, but not ignoring the harsh realities we live in. Just like his faith, Anuahyahu brings balance to his style of music and isn’t hesitant to voice his views through his lyrics.

It's clear Anuahyahu wants to make is prowess known; industry professionals take note: “Here come the underdog, pullin' the rug right from under y’all”. “Watcha Life ‘Bout” is distinguished by Anuahyahu ’s meticulous lyrics and distinctive verbal flow, with its 50’s era-tinged doo wop in the background and funky production, the song is a deeply affecting listening experience. The beats on this track are bumpin’, the keys are pounding, and the track is scratchin’; over all the song is a very enjoyable trip. “Watcha Life ‘Bout” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Find out what Anuahyahu life is about and stream “Watcha Life ‘Bout”on Spotify today!

Keep scrolling for Anuahyahu's exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hi Anuahyahu , thank you for talking with us. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Well i'm an independent artist out of Minneapolis, MN. My music can be described as biblical hip hop with Hebraic roots. Reflecting what we go through as set-apart people of The Most High, but not negating the harsh realities that we live in. I grew up in North Minneapolis (roughest side of town). As a youth I grew up very Hip Hop, with the understanding of KRS-1; Hip Hop isn't just something you do, hip hop is something you live. So for me being hip hop was participating in as many elements as possible, and not merely just spectating. As a youth I use to paint Graffiti, Break dance, and freestyle with friends until we got older and got involved with street culture. This would eventually lead to me becoming closer with The Most High, and eventually leading up to me doing music now.

What are some challenges you've faced getting your music out there?

No support. I've had to groom my self, and learn tricks of the trade on my own.

One of the most important things I've learned is confidence.  You have to be as 

an independent artist. When no ones there to show any kind of support there is no room

for self doubt. I've had to learn to step out of comfort zone, and adapt.

Tell us about “Watcha Life ‘Bout” and the meaning behind it?

Whatcha Life Bout is a lyrical track, with a message that goes  against the grain basically. Anit-drug, anti-fade, and nothing but realness. We dill with real situations every day in the hood. Weather it be gun play, low income housing , trapping, or trying to avoid getting evicted etc...  Everyday can't be turn up! pop pills, sip lean etc.., nor am I an advocate 

of such.  Whatcha life bout is my triumph, against the hurtles of opposition, the expression of where i'm from, and who we are as a people.

What are some key influences for you when writing music?

I tend to create songs in my head and sort of memorize them, similar to what Jay-z

explains when he stated he doesn't write. Whatcha Life Bout" is an example of that.

But I would have to say the Bible of course, Hip Hop, my environment , and my experiences within that environment.

What are your next steps in your music industry journey?

Network with blogs, radio stations further my music reach.

l'd also like to land some features in/on  magazines, the XXL, The Sources etc..and build up a fan base.


Check out Anuahyahu on the artists website and socials:


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