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Ancient China Meets The Modern Day In Yuxuan Li’s New EP, ‘Magnetic Field’

From China to New York and Los Angeles, multi-instrumentalist and producer Yuxuan Li invites listeners on a journey of cultural exchange with her refreshing 5-track EP, Magnetic Field.

Specializing in the piano and the guzheng, a traditional Chinese string instrument, Yuxuan Li is on a mission to promote the exploration of various cultures by introducing listeners to the timeless sounds of her native land. Now, she stays ready to learn, create, and inspire others through music as a universal language, impacting lives with a rich blend of cultural and musical innovation as experienced in Magnetic Field.

The 5-track project starts with the lush and relaxing introductory track, "Red Strings." While Yuxuan opens the song with her beautiful guzheng melodies that tell their own story, she gradually expands the atmosphere with added percussion for ambiance. This song perfectly introduces Yuxuan's beautiful and unique style with layered guzheng melodies and subtle electronic elements.

Transitioning into track number two, "Rain Shower, " Yuxuan opens the song with her layered guzheng but on a more playful, spirited note. With a looped melody and crisp drums, this track feels like a rich blend of ancient Chinese sounds and the modern music scene's use of textured electronic production. It dances the line between peaceful and energizing, calming the soul on the verse while unleashing a fire beat on the drop.

Reaching the EP's midway point with track number three, "Bay Tree," Yuxuan sinks deeper into her emotions without singing a single word. How can we tell? The somber introduction with guzheng melodies opens on a darker note. Still, it quickly expands into a club-worthy beat with pulsating synths and tight drums for a genuinely dynamic listening experience. It's beautiful, mysterious, and danceable all in one - another solid representation of Yuxuan's rich creativity.

Slowing things down a bit is track number four, "Leafy Brown," entering what feels like a low point, a moment of reflection, and waiting for the sun to shine again. The mysterious and anticipation-packed guzheng melodies offer an incredibly dynamic experience from the jump, but Yuxuan's massive drums take this song from good to great. It's a lo-fi song blends classic Chinese instrumentation with contemporary lo-fi's laidback, soul-soothing vibes.

Landing on the EP's fifth and final track, "Your Pink Shirt," Yuxuan ups the vibes and energy to end the project with passion. While most songs on the EP opened with the guzheng, this one is more drum-heavy, crashing the speakers with an uplifting, electronic, Drum N Bass feel. It's another refreshing experience highlighting Yuxuan's rich musical prowess and ability to merge past sounds with present styles, creating something entirely her own.

If you've taken anything away from the EP Magnetic Field, Yuxuan Li might be one of our generation's most talented, impactful independent artists. Don't believe us? Sink into the lush sounds and experience this dynamic project for yourself. Find Yuxuan Li's new EP, Magnetic Field, on all digital streaming platforms.



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