Andi Star Serenades Us the Whole Way "Home"

From Jamshedpur, India, the alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Andi Star releases a brilliant and conceptual sophomore single entitled "Home."

Performing around India since she was ten years old led Andi Star to hone in her craft and navigate her true art form. Capturing audiences across Brazil, UAE, USA, and the UK, Andi Star's music career has truly taken off with the release of her heartbreaking orchestral debut, "Beside Me."

Now releasing her vibrant electro-pop hit, "Home," Andi Star mentioned that the song offers a positive flair that encourages listeners to break free from their old selves and follow their dreams. What's even more interesting about this piece is the fact that it's the first electronic-pop song released by a solo alternative female artist from India.

Diving into "Home," the song takes off with a soothing piano melody that opens the song like a daydream. As Andi Star makes her bright and brilliant vocal appearance, she begins to elaborate on the many people she had to leave behind in order to reach her dreams and desires. As Andi Star continues her passionate performance, she takes us to the glimmering and fiery hook, where we're met with an intense beat drop that shakes our speakers.

We love the melodic tones of the synths that pierce our speakers within the hook, as it takes us back to those sweltering festival nights we miss dearly. As Andi Star continues to drench us in confidence and self-love, she closes the song on a bright note of determination and enthusiasm.

Allow Andi Star's latest single, "Home," to remind you of self-love and determination. Find "Home" on all digital streaming platforms.