Andi Star Serenades Us the Whole Way "Home"

From Jamshedpur, India, the alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Andi Star releases a brilliant and conceptual sophomore single entitled "Home."

Performing around India since she was ten years old led Andi Star to hone in her craft and navigate her true art form. Capturing audiences across Brazil, UAE, USA, and the UK, Andi Star's music career has truly taken off with the release of her heartbreaking orchestral debut, "Beside Me."

Now releasing her vibrant electro-pop hit, "Home," Andi Star mentioned that the song offers a positive flair that encourages listeners to break free from their old selves and follow their dreams. What's even more interesting about this piece is the fact that it's the first electronic-pop song released by a solo alternative female artist from India.

Diving into "Home," the song takes off with a soothing piano melody that opens the song like a daydream. As Andi Star makes her bright and brilliant vocal appearance, she begins to elaborate on the many people she had to leave behind in order to reach her dreams and desires. As Andi Star continues her passionate performance, she takes us to the glimmering and fiery hook, where we're met with an intense beat drop that shakes our speakers.

We love the melodic tones of the synths that pierce our speakers within the hook, as it takes us back to those sweltering festival nights we miss dearly. As Andi Star continues to drench us in confidence and self-love, she closes the song on a bright note of determination and enthusiasm.

Allow Andi Star's latest single, "Home," to remind you of self-love and determination. Find "Home" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Andi Star, and congratulations on the release of your vibrant sophomore single, "Home." What inspired you to write a single about breaking free from negative habits and chasing your dreams?

The inspiration for the lyrics came after I got a message from an old acquaintance, trying to reconnect after a while. That person wasn’t really a friend, and not one I can remember was around to support me when I used to perform music. And it happened a few times more, with lots of people who weren’t really supportive of my music suddenly messaging me “What's Up?” out of nowhere. So I wrote the song to kind of let everyone know, that if you want to go far in life, you have to let go of these people who don’t support you, and those who pull you down. As I sing, “And Their gravity always pulled me down, never let me go high”. I’m at the part of my life where I’m so sure of what I want and I want to chase my dreams, and I truly think nothing is impossible. So I definitely don’t need bad vibes around me!

Seeing that you initially wrote "Home" as a passionate piano ballad, why did you choose to transform the song into this blazing electro-pop feel?

I love playing the piano, and no matter how a song turns out, it usually always starts off as a piano ballad haha! I actually have the voice note of how this song sounded initially, it’s so crazy how it’s turned out to be so upbeat when that version was acoustic and low tempo. I was actually super fascinated by this song called “For You” by Why Don’t We, which has incredible production, with amazing synths and harmonies. I was listening to it 50 times a day, I’m not kidding. So I knew my next song had to be an Electro Pop track that was also vocally beautiful, and that’s how the current version of Home was born. Hopefully, when I meet Why Don’t We one day I’m gonna let them know how they’ve inspired me!

Who produced the energetic sonics for "Home?" How did you want the sonic atmosphere to make listeners feel?

I worked with three incredible people from around the world on this track. The first producer I worked with is from Algeria, and I actually sent him the vocal melody and he then produced the track. I definitely wanted the Vocal drop to have a low part and then a High part for added effect! He did a fantastic job creating the track that fit my vision. I worked with an awesome producer from the US who did the vocal processing, and lastly, I worked with a producer from Germany who mixed and mastered my song and made it even better than it was! I’m so grateful I got to work with such talented people and also happy to live in these times where you can get so much done online, no matter which part of the world you’re from!

Sonically I wanted Coachella vibes, so anybody listening to Home should feel like they’re just vibing, I want them to let go of any negativity and just dance! Especially with the pandemic, I think now more than ever music has united us all and is keeping us happy.

How can listeners get to know you better and more personally through your two released singles, "Beside Me" and "Home?" How do these songs introduce us to who you are and the type of music you create?

I want everyone to know that I like to experiment and try out new styles. It’s quite evident even right now -- Beside Me is an orchestral ballad about heartbreak, and Home is an Electronic Pop Dance anthem, sonically quite the opposite of Beside Me.

Also, ever since I was born, to now, to eternity, I will always love music. And that includes all kinds of music. Growing up, I have been influenced by Hindustani Classical Music, Bollywood, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Electronic, and right now too, I’m constantly listening to Indian Indie, Acoustic, Pop Punk, and Ballads. So when I have been around such incredible music, it’s natural that I too would love to create music in all these incredible genres, taking influence from artists all around the world.

What's next for you Andi?

AAAAAH! I’m gonna say incredible things! I’m doing what I love doing and although no one knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, I believe we are the creators of our future!

So that being said, I definitely see myself touring the world performing for people in different countries, making music with my idols, and living in Hollywood. Yes, the world better be ready for an Indian Pop Star!