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Andrada Builds Up Our Self-Esteem with “Unbreakable”

Andrada is a multitalented singer, songwriter, and actress who found her passion for performing early in her life. At age 13 she earned her first major acting job in a highly awarded Romanian television Drama “Pariu cu Viata” which ran for four seasons. At the same time, she was touring with her band “La La Band” in over 40 cities, which ended up winning The Golden Disc and Teen Idol titles at the Romanian Music Awards. After three national tours with the band, Andrada launched two singles to begin her solo career. She moved to London to earn a degree in Musical Theatre and ended up collaborating with Universal Music Publishing, HBO and Sky Tv Uk. She would write and perform songs for advertisements and trailers for these companies. Since then, her musical career has been taking off; her last single “I’ll Be Lovin” reached over 390,000 views on YouTube.

Andrada’s latest release “Unbreakable” is a truly inspiring pop song. The melody and tone of the track is energetic and uplifting. The background is made up of electronic sounds that mesh together into a gentle beat. “Unbreakable” builds up to a drop during the chorus which will have you dancing along with Andrada in her music video. Andrada spotlights her soft, heavenly voice with an impressive range. The most prominent aspect of “Unbreakable” is the message behind the lyrics. Andrada brings attention to the relatable adversity and struggles that many people must deal with in life. Her lyrics encourage self-love, self-esteem, and confidence for her audience. It is clear that she is trying to send a message to her audience that they should be comfortable in their own skin, and not change for anybody. Andrada’s inspiring message combined with her innate musical talent makes her an artist to look out for.

Listen to “Unbreakable” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Andrada! We are hooked on your sound and the message in “Unbreakable.” Can you tell us what inspired you to write such a self-loving song?

Hello Buzz! Thank you, I’m so glad you like it. I wrote ‘Unbreakable’ after overcoming a not-so-happy time in my life when I was overwhelmed with anxiety and the feeling that I wasn’t good enough. I would constantly compare myself to people that have accomplished more than I have, forgetting about all the amazing things I have achieved so far and the challenges that I have faced. I think, ultimately, I forgot to be grateful and that sent me to a very dark place. ‘Unbreakable’ is a reminder that nothing and no one can be truly perfect and that’s ok. I blame social media for a lot of the pain we inflict on ourselves, because 90% of the time what we see through lenses and filters is far from reality.

It’s OK to be yourself, it’s OK to feel down and get back up again, it’s OK to ask for help, it’s OK to fail, make mistakes and start over. It’s called being human. I am still learning to love myself and I encourage everyone out there who’s going through a hard time to just stop for one second, breathe and appreciate the good in life. We’re all on our individual journey. It’s not about who gets there first, it’s about taking it one step at a time and making sure your mental health doesn’t end up as collateral damage in the process. Take it from someone who had to learn that the hard way...

Last December you appeared as Chastity in “Anything Goes” (directed by Adam Morley). Can you tell us how you continue to balance your acting and music career after many years of juggling both?

Yes, that was a lot of fun and a lot of stress, but I’m super proud of the end result and Adam was a pleasure to work with. I’ve been juggling the two since I was 12 years old so I can only call myself lucky for being able to do the things I love most at the same time.

I’ve been training in Musical Theatre for 4 years now so that has given me the opportunity to both act and sing on a daily basis. I always say this and it sounds like a cliché, but I can’t imagine and don’t want to imagine myself doing anything else, so no matter what challenges may come my way, I will continue to give my all and get the work done. When you love something, no obstacle is ever too big.

You received a degree for Musical Theatre in London. Can you tell us how this has impacted your music today?

I am graduating from London College of Music in a few months which is quite scary, but exciting at the same time. I have to say musical theatre and pop are two very different styles and I have to admit that I struggle with not putting a ‘pop twist’ on legit musical theatre songs. Being on this course has helped me get out of my head and take risks so now when I write music I try to go with my gut instinct rather than overthink every little word or line. I’ve been working with Universal here in the UK and let me just say if you have to write a song and the deadline is the next day, there is no time for doubt and second guessing. I think it’s fair to say that tight deadlines have made me a better songwriter and my degree has definitely helped me become a more confident performer.

We were happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about any upcoming songs or acting jobs we can expect from you? Do you have any major goals for the future?

Thanks for having me! I plan on releasing another single in the next few months in order to build up my repertoire for live performances and hopefully an EP will follow as well. In terms of acting, I’ve been put forward for a very exciting project back home that will hopefully come to fruition and if it does, I will be a very happy girl. 

I’m also part of the Music Mastery artist community created by Charlie Walk who advises me on my music, branding and gives me a lot of valuable insight about the industry. We’ve got some promising events coming up that I’m absolutely buzzing for. If everything goes to plan, 2020 should be a good year. 

My major goal is to have my music and my art reach as many souls as possible and have an impact on people’s lives. I want to be a good role model for anyone out there who looks up to me and I want to inspire others to dream big, work hard and stay true to themselves. 



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