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Andre Lewis Comes Through With His Track “I’m Gone Make It”

Andre Lewis is an artist born in North Carolina. Growing up he was raised in several states including North Carolina, Illinois, California, New Jersey and ultimately where he currently is, Delaware. But it was during his years in Illinois is where his musical roots began and in 5th grade he picked up a trumpet. Growing up he was introduced to church where a foundation was set within him. After discovering writing raps and trying to do the same as most, he chose a different path, Gospel Rap. His goal is to rap for The Lord and spread the word about how good God is.

Sharing with us today is off of his latest EP project and the song is called “I’m Gone Make It”.

The respect I have for Gospel Rappers but even more so when you can stick to your word or lane and still make it feel and sound like something any and everyone can listen to. And really that is one of the best traits to have as a Gospel artist if you are looking to spread to others and for others to hear it and hear your story is phenomenal! I love the beat for sure and the lyricism of this artist really shows that he knows what he is doing. Excellent world play and it always feels good to hear music without any restrictions. I admire this track and can really relate to it on so many different levels and to me that is what makes any track HOT!

Listen to “I’m Gone Make It” here and get to know more about Andre Lewis below!

Hello! If you could introduce yourself to our readers please?

Hey World!!! Well for starters my name is Andre Lewis. A little bit about me? I've been married for 10+ years to my beautiful wife, we have 2 wonderful boys and I'm a Christian. For those that know me personally know that I give off a special type of positive energy that you don't find everywhere. I just try to enjoy every moment I can because tomorrow is never promised to no one. Another thing about myself, I also like to be completely transparent. What you see is what you get with me, so sharing my life experiences through my music comes easy.

Your love for music has helped pave your way in music. What would you say has helped contribute to that as well?

My relationship with God 100%! He's the reason why I write. Hopefully someone might hear my music, my experiences, my values and even my mistakes and it either causes them to either want to know God for themself or learn from me and avoid making the same mistakes I have or causes them to want to be a better husband or wife, a father or mother, brother, sister, friend etc. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that I'm a role model or anything, I'm just simply trying to live a life that's pleasing to God through my actions and my music. Hopefully people can hear that and it inspires them to do the same.

Are you afraid of your music blending over into the Hip-Hop flare or do you embrace the blend?

Actually I hope it does!! My message is meant for people. Not a specific genre. My goal is to spread the word through music. If that reaches hip hop audiences, great! If it reaches alternative audiences, awesome! Country, Rock, that's even better! I've been apart of music in just about every facet including orchestras, marching bands, choirs and cyphers since I was in the 5th grade. So, you'll hear a plethora of different sounds from me during my music career. I hope you embrace it.

What influenced the creation of “I’m Gone Make It”?

"I'm Gone Make It" is the album's flagship song, but is also the title of the EP. The album "I'm Gone Make It" gives you a sample of the many things that God blessed me to do in music and you'll hear more. But, the song itself was influenced by a personal experience of mine. I started writing that song in the kitchen of my old house and I remembered thinking, "I'm not going to be here forever". At the time our house was too small for a family of 4, we weren't in a position to sell it, our money was low, and debt was piling up. Our situation at that moment was depressing. But, I had recently learned in church that in order for our situations to change we have to change what we speak. We have to speak blessing and not cursing. So the song started off talking about how much I hated the current situation, but ended up using my faith to speak those things that I want into existence. It was written to actually encourage myself, but it ended up being used to help encourage and up lift others to let them know that they too can make it through whatever situation they're faced with.

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

They can expect to see videos coming soon from the EP this year, features on other artist albums and a new album sometime next year! Just follow me on IG and Facebook @andrelewismusic for all updates. But before I go, I would like to take this time to personally thank each and every one of you for all of the love and support that y'all showed me through purchasing, streaming and sharing my music!! Thank y'all for all of the comments and feedback as well!! I remember it all and will never forget because it means a lot to me!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!


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