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Andrea Clute Gives Us “Got You”

Andrea Clute, a vibey R&B-pop artist from Vancouver, has been on a rollercoaster ride of transformation from her TikTok origins to becoming an emerging voice in music.

The singer has now teamed up with the prestigious Canadian music label 604 Records, as she eagerly anticipates her journey into the music industry. A product of a traditional Filipino family, Andrea found her early stage at family gatherings and local Karaoke nights, where she would often belt out Celine Dion tunes. Above all, Andrea prioritizes relatability in her music, aiming to create deep, meaningful connections with her fans.

Her debut EP "Unsaid," is a testament to her commitment to authenticity. The six-song collection serves as a diary, chronicling a journey from elation to heartbreak, and all the feelings in between. Writing this EP has been a cathartic process for Andrea to acknowledge and express the emotions she had been stifling. "Unsaid" manifests everything Andrea wished to voice but couldn't articulate before.

One standout from "Unsaid" is the beautifully serene "Got You." This song captures the tranquillity of a calm ocean, radiating a warmth reminiscent of a nostalgic summer day. Simplicity is the charm of this piece, as it avoids unnecessary complexities.

Andrea's vocals on "Got You" are nothing short of therapeutic. Like an angel's, her voice floats above an ethereal guitar melody that lingers subtly in the background. The lyrics for "Got You" are truly heartfelt and dive deep, creating a narrative of longing and love that many listeners will find familiar. The hook, "Don't you know that I got you / I don't want new / It's always been you," is a tender confession of loyalty and unwavering affection.

Andrea Clute's "Got You" is a testament to the power of simplicity in music. It's a love note to the listener, a melodic reassurance that authentic emotions still hold a place in today's music. As Andrea continues her musical journey, fans and newcomers can expect more heart-on-the-sleeve moments from this promising artist. And if "Got You" indicates the future, it's safe to say she has a bright path.

Get cozy with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andrea Clute, and congratulations on your latest EP, "Unsaid." The title of your debut EP "Unsaid," implies that there are emotions and messages you've struggled to express before. Can you share an instance where music provided an outlet for these 'unsaid' feelings, and how did that experience inspire your creation of the EP?

I’m a very private person when it comes to dealing with problems and emotions. I like to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and avoid confrontation. Which I’m sure isn’t healthy, haha. However, being at the studio is where I feel comfortable expressing anything I've been holding back. Music has always been an outlet for me to be my most honest and authentic self, so creating this EP was therapeutic and led me to open up in ways I hadn’t expected. I also believe I was able to create “Unsaid” because of the people around me. My producers created a safe space for me where I never felt judged; ultimately, I think that's how the songs came to be.

"Unsaid" captures many human emotions, from elation to heartbreak. Which song on the EP best encapsulates the overarching theme of 'unsaid' sentiments, and why?

I think “But You’re Happy” is my most intimate song and, to me, ties into the theme of unsaid. This song, to me, feels like a diary entry. It contains emotions I didn't even know I had until I wrote it. But the thought of this person being happy without me didn’t sit right with me. Like how is that easy for you, I “wish you would tell me that you miss me.” It was hard for me to admit those feelings to myself, let alone say them out loud.

One could argue that the title "Unsaid" also speaks to our society's unheard voices and stories. How does your music, specifically this EP, amplify the 'unsaid' narratives in our community or the music industry?

Unsaid captures themes I haven't opened up to people about, and I've tried to contextualize them in my music. I think sharing these hard things through art is a beautiful way to allow others into my world to see what I'm going through and hopefully find comfort if they're going through similar situations.

In "Got You," a standout track from "Unsaid," there's a deep sense of longing and love. Can you discuss how this theme of enduring love contributes to the larger narrative you aimed to express in the EP "Unsaid?"

It’s never easy telling someone how you feel, negative or positive, at least for me. Depends on your love language, I guess. But I think something difficult to say aloud is admitting when you’re in the wrong, and you made a mistake. For almost all my emotions, I try to run away from them, but this song helped me say that no matter what, you’re the one I want, and I want to make things work with you. It’s hard for me to write love songs that aren’t sad. I'm not good at being romantic. I like to play things off and act like I don't care, so this song was vulnerable for me differently than the others.

Looking towards the future, how do you see the themes and messages encapsulated in "Unsaid" influencing your next projects? Are there any unsaid stories or emotions you still want to explore in your upcoming work?

I think there are always going to be new stories that arise and old stories that I hold onto that I'll want to write about. I will keep treating my music like personal diary entries, and I'm just excited to keep creating. I often just show up to the studio with no vision in mind and create how I feel that day. So I'm looking forward to gathering the team to do more of that and see what comes of it!


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