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Andrew Desogus Partners With Nicole Thalia on “Interstellar (This Time)”

In this re-release of the song “Interstellar (This Time),” artist Andrew Desogus partners with vocalist Nicole Thalia to mix together with modern sounds and great grooves.

As the baseline and lyrics fit together, a unique cosmic track is born. Inspired by space travel and the size of the universe in relation to every single individual, this track embodies extraterrestrial sounds. As the soft voice of Nicole Thalia rings into your ears, listeners can feel the smooth nature of her voice as if they, themselves, are floating around within space. The soundtrack within “Interstellar (This Time)” has a mysterious nature while remaining uplifting as it continues to move forward.

“Interstellar (This Time)” is a genuinely relaxing song with a slow yet stimulating movement. Andrew Desogus has created a unique track that allows listeners to feel the unsettling nature of space and the minuscule nature of their issues as the song continues to flow while staying positive and deeply emotional. This moving groove is a fantastic modern sound, and with the depth and emotion behind this piece, we can not wait to see how Andrew Desogus continues to grow as a unique artist with new releases in the future.



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