Andreww Defines Sonic Versatility in, "Crossroads"

Known for his authentic and winning musical formula, the singer-songwriter and recording artist Andreww channels the depths of grunge merged with trap/pop for his latest single, "Crossroads."

Andreww's vehement refusal to narrow himself down to one genre is what gets his music to vast audiences, as he's inclined to take his experienced past and use it as fuel towards his versatile creative endeavors. Also an international runway model, Andreww walked for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Dior before turning to music to fulfill his creative needs.

Now releasing his pop anthem suited for the new generation, "Crossroads" brings listeners into a unique and powerful soundscape that blurs the lines of grunge, pop, and trap. With help from the song's high-energy hook, Andreww is left basking in the track's heat and vibrance while never leaving listeners with a dull moment.

Diving into "Crossroads," the track opens with a tight and distorted electric guitar that brings us back to the prime era of grunge. Once the muffled drum breaks appear, we can feel sonic similarities to the punk-approached drums within Blink 182. However, once Andreww makes his broader vocal appearance, the drums thicken with crisp snares and heavy 808s, jumping into the tenacity of modern trap music.

Reaching the song's hook, Andreww belts his melodic vocals and reminds us of an inner desire to be alongside someone when times get tough. We can also hear hints of modern pop music through the melodic use of synths and the contemporary electric guitar arrangements that blast the song to the outro.

Let Andreww remind you to steer away from the "Crossroads" with his latest versatile tingle, now available on all streaming platforms.