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Andreww Drops a Modern Grunge Hit With, "Shadow Love"

Having strut runways for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Dior, the enigmatic singer-songwriter and explorative artist Andreww dives into the sounds of modern grunge for his latest single, "Shadow Love."

After acquiring a passion for integrating sounds, elements, themes, and emotions of various genres, Andreww has finally settled with his versatile and experimental sound. A prime example of this expertise and mastery is his latest wavy release, "Shadow Love."

Alongside the release of his dark-infused, grunge-inspired single "Shadow Love," Andreww also reveals an innovative and interactive online video game for the song. Asking listeners to imagine a "lo-fi grunge guitar riff thrown into a Tim Burton movie while giants fight," Andreww truly brings these elements together within this introspective single.

Starting our venture into "Shadow Love" is a heavy grunge guitar that pours through our speakers with the melancholy flairs of 80s acts that stomped before us. What catches our ears is the modern transition through a Lil-Peep-inspired beat and Andreww's expressive and melodic vocal stylings that bring us modern elements of grunge.

While Andreww expresses rather vulnerable and reflective lyricism, he keeps us engaged with the song's concepts surrounding loving people or things that aren't entirely beneficial, hovering over us like a shadow. Allowing us to heavily relate to his lyricism, Andreww serves a unique and modern example of versatility through the song's dynamic feel and raw emotion.

Dive into reflection with Andreww's latest grunge-inspired single, "Shadow Love," and be sure to keep track of the explorative artist as he floods the industry with versatility.


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