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Andy & Eddie Okoro Bring the Heat in Their Sophomore Album, “The Count”

Ottawa-based twin brothers and recording artists Andy & Eddie Okoro pair up for their sophomore studio album entitled, The Count.

The twin brothers first came together to create music in 2018, writing, recording and producing their own original hip-hop tracks. It wasn't until 2019 that they released their debut album, Undeniable. Andy & Eddie have generated loyal listeners through therapeutic and fun tracks that discuss real-life experiences. They continue that theme in their dynamic sophomore album, The Count.

The album opens with the mysterious and heavy introductory track, "Cheese," plucking through our speakers with dark and melodic guitar samples that lead into a low and intense hip-hop beat. Both Andy & Eddie bring the heat while discussing the perpetual grind, all to make that precious "Cheese" and level up to live the life they desire.

Jumping into a similar intense atmosphere with track number two, "Buzz," Andy & Eddie hit us with all the melodic yet introspective bars to balance out the listening experience. The overall hazy and heavy atmosphere is reminiscent of 88Glam, but with Andy & Eddie's own authentic flair. It's quite the toe-tapper that brings us deep into the fierce underbelly of modern hip-hop.

Andy & Eddie ramp up the energy in the third track, "What We Do," which bumps through our speakers on a brighter, exciting note that leaves us locked into their rhythmic bars. The atmospheric and vibrant production delivers all the heat and groove of modern hip-hop, paired with two stellar artists that dance between contemporary hip-hop and r&b. It's a lively song of celebration, helping us seize each day and make it a movie.

Drifting into a more introspective experience with track number four, "Desjardins," the song opens with plucky and thick synths alongside punchy drums and Andy & Eddie's silky smooth bars. The mid-tempo sonics bring a certain reflective atmosphere to the song, while Andy & Eddie spit their composed bars about keeping that income flowing.

Pumping up the groove is the fifth track, "Show Time," opening with heavy piano keys alongside tight drums that pounce over the track with authority. Listening to both artists' cut-throat bars, they waste no time in letting us bop our heads to their rhythmic flow and undeniable talent. This track is a thick treat for the ears that lets you enjoy Andy & Eddie's attention-commanding performance stylings from top to bottom.

On the album's sixth track and the halfway mark, "Timing," Andy & Eddie slow things down a bit with a tender and melodic atmosphere that drifts into a dreamy hip-hop beat. It's an ear-pleasing and smooth-sailing track that sees Andy & Eddie reflect on what's brought them to their successful status and the key differences they bring to the table apart from other up-and-comers.

Onto the album's second half with the seventh track, "S25," the smooth and dreamy sonics melt open while seamlessly transitioning into a punchy hip-hop atmosphere. Andy & Eddie bring forth their reflective and relatable bars once more to bring the experience to a well-rounded and compelling note that lets us kick back, chill out, and experience the connection Andy & Eddie naturally make with listeners.

The album's eighth track, "Moves," gently moves through our speakers with somber guitar samples that leap into a downtempo hip-hop scorcher. Andy & Eddie's captivating back and forth deliver a purely dynamic listening experience; they have no problem making each moment worthwhile. This track is another prime example of how easy Andy & Eddie can paint such vivid scenes and bring the listener into a whole other world.

Andy & Eddie want to know if you're "Brave" on track number nine. The fluttery sonics later jump into a lullaby hip-hop experience with crisp drums and an overall lush vibe. Andy & Eddie dive headfirst into their bars while discussing their everlasting hustle and keeping their head up when life's trials and tribulations arise. It's one of the album's more inspirational tracks that leave us excited to grind it out.

Andy & Eddie bring the temperature down a notch in track number ten, "Cold," chilling us with a thick hip-hop arrangement alongside Andy & Eddie's dense and rhythmic bars. This heavy-hitting track might be "Cold" and packed with drippy ice, but Andy & Eddie set our speakers ablaze with their natural authority and confident bars that make complex hip-hop look easy.

They continue blasting out of this atmosphere with upbeat and fiery tracks like the album's eleventh, "I Like It," alongside featured artist D'mani. It's a rich and exciting track that's perfect for any summer jam; the tropical and vibrant sonics paired with Andy & Eddie's rich flow is to die for. D'mani brings the heat in his verse while hitting us with all the energy and playfulness we could ask for.

Landing on the album's twelfth and final track, "Call Us," we're met with more of a reflective and emotional sonic atmosphere alongside Andy & Eddie's smooth-sailing bars. They use this song to display their everlasting loyalty to those closest to them while drifting through the song with the utmost confidence and composure. It's a feel-good and genuine listening experience that closes the album on a personal note.

When you're ready to experience what modern-day hip-hop has in store, check out the dynamic and jam-packed album, The Count, from Ottawa-based hip-hop artists Andy and Eddie Okoro, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andy & Eddie. We adore the dynamic and engaging vibe you've delivered in your sophomore album, The Count. When did you begin executing ideas for the album and creating it? How long was the album in the making?

Ideas began to flow for the album in February 2020, but we officially started to create pieces for the album in 2021. Basically, the album was about a year and 7 months in the making.

Were there any particular moments or experiences that inspired you to create The Count?

Coming off our first album, 'Undeniable', which was more on the emotional side, we took some time off and naturally got into a fun/upbeat space which inspired the feel for the new album. It originally started with recording a song called "Underground" that was never released anywhere except SoundCloud, but this sparked the initial ideas for the album.

What was your duo's creative process like when formulating your tracks for The Count? Because you're brothers, is there unspoken musical chemistry between the two of you?

Generally like to mix things up and keep them interesting from a creative standpoint to avoid feelings of repetition/boredom. We tend to leave an open room for each other to create and find a middle ground for the piece to take form. Yes, considering that we are brothers and twins, to be specific, there is definitely unspoken chemistry between us which is very evident in the music.

Which song from The Count are you most proud of and why?

We wouldn't say that we are particularly proud of any song on the album, but one piece we are especially happy with is the first song, "Cheese." This song would not have made the album because we almost lost the files, and it was a real struggle to retrieve them. Also, it was the perfect song to set the tone of the album, and without it, the album might not have had the desired sequencing.

If there was one message or realization that listeners could take away from The Count, what would you want that to be?

If there is one message that we would want listeners to take away from this album, it would be this: "It is perfectly okay to be yourself and do things in your own way. Enjoy what you do and keep the people important to you close."

What's next for you?

We really want to know and build a genuine connection with our potential fans. So our next steps would be performing, sustained promotion of the project, engaging with our listeners on an intimate level, and making more music!


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