Andy Martin is Overflowing with Sound on Latest Single "Mess We Made"

A true cruising song, Andy Martin, showcases his new Song "Mess We Made" alongside a personal lyric video. A tale of heartbreak and hope "Mess We Made" depicts the pain and joy we experience in a relationship. Coming to us from down under, Andy records and performs his songs from inspiring Brisbane, Australia. A multi-instrumentalist, Andy's musical journey has been anything but ordinary. "Mess We Made" takes an emporium approach in sound running broad and deep. You will love the significant moments of thumping drums, battling strings, and resonating vocalizations that invite the listener to sing along.

Andy brings an honest and confessional delivery of lyrics on "Mess We Made." As we hear him unload the burdens that have been placed firmly upon his shoulders, Andy sings poignantly: "you were the one that said this, you were the one that cried, you were the one that made me, can't say we didn't try." As the track appears to slow down, Andy creates a mounting of sound- racing together, whirling around the listener in harmonious melodies and piercing rhythms. Two minutes into the song, builds a tension of stomping of drums, clapping hands, and chiming guitars that fly around you in a flurry as Andy masterfully belts out calls of harmonies. Andy Martin gives us a showstopping performance on "Mess We Made." Don't miss out on this one.

Listen to "Mess We Made" here.