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Andy Penkow Keeps the Dream Alive in, "Before I Go"

The Aussie alternative, country, and Americana artist/singer-songwriter Andy Penkow encourages us to reach for the stars with his latest single, "Before I Go."

The award-winning artist has won over many fans with his smooth and powerful voice steeped in honesty. Studying at JMC Academy and completing an advanced diploma in popular music and performance led Andy Penkow into his trailblazing career without an end in sight. With several nominations and awards under his belt, it's safe to say that Andy Penkow is here to stay.

Now releasing his 'bucket list song,' "Before I Go," Andy Penkow offers a stimulating and enlivening listening experience while reminding us that if we shoot for the moon, we'll still land among the stars. "Those who know me and who have followed my career over the past few years know how passionate I am not just with my music but in life. I wanted to write a song that incorporated this," says Penkow.

Produced by Rod Motbey, "Before I Go" takes off with a groovy rhythm guitar, a rich drum arrangement, a warm acoustic guitar, and a gleaming organ. As Andy Penkow makes his warm and melodic vocal appearance, he begins to share the dreams and wishes he'd like to achieve before his time is up.

We adore the toe-tapping instrumentation within this track, as it perfectly enhances Andy Penkow's relatable and passionate lyrical theme while keeping the listener locked in and engaged. As Andy Penkow makes his way towards the song's end, he tugs on our heartstrings while reminding us to keep our dreams alive and well.

Allow Andy Penkow's latest single, "Before I Go," to be your beacon of hope. Find "Before I Go" on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Andy Penkow, we truly appreciate such an uplifting and encouraging track like "Before I Go." What inspired you to create a single that touches on keeping your dreams alive and checking experiences off your bucket list?

My love of music and the career that I've worked so hard for. I wanted this song to be a reminder of what I want to achieve in my life, and I was hoping that whoever is listening to it can also relate it to their own dream.

What was it like working with producer Rod Motbey for "Before I Go?" How did he help bring the song's sonic emotion and passion to life?

I have a lot of respect for Rod. We have worked together on many projects now. He has a really great way of understanding what I want to achieve, adding his own flavor but still keeping the song authentic to my vision. We are currently working on a 14 track album that will hit radio early next year.

How did you want the listener to feel after listening to "Before I Go?" What sort of emotions or thoughts did you want to evoke?

I want them to sing along, anywhere, any age, no matter what music they like or what their dreams are, this song is for all the dreamers out there.

Do you normally write such optimistic and uplifting songs like "Before I Go?" Should we expect you to continue releasing songs that leave the listener feeling inspired?

I have got a name for myself in the country scene for writing a lot of sad love songs which i'm happy to have. But I want to stretch myself and my art so I'm really starting to look outside the box.

On a more personal note, why do you think your music has been so successful and prosperous? What makes you stand out from other independent alt-country singer-songwriters?

I think I have something different to offer the country scene. My style and sound are very much my own and I've tried my best to be true to myself as an artist and human. That's the best way to be in life, as no one can do you better than you can. My fans really do get behind me and that's just amazing as I have so much more to offer, this is just the beginning for me.

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