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Anever Gives Us An Electrifying Hit!

Anever is a 4 piece metal rock band all the way from Bay Area, California. The group consists of Soul Kerr on Drums, Tik Chandra on Bass, Brandon Crawford on Guitar/vocals, and Moises Anderson on vocals. Anever released their single titled “Solo”, the hardcore and gratifying death metal record you will become oddly intrigued by! The epic record begins with a rhythmic drum combination before the chaotic and brashful fusion of electric guitars and even more electrifying vocals appears. The single employs heavily distorted vocals with low-tuned guitars delivered with techniques such as deep growling and aggressive vocals, completely embodying the entire concept of the subgenre of metal music! The chromatic chord progressions helps project the extremity of the record. A genre like this could be very difficult for people to grasp the concept of the lyricism however if you really take the time to intune yourself behind the chaos you will find the content to be highly poetic. Anever curates this unique image upon themselves naturally which becomes magnifying and captivating to most like myself who's been un-familiarized with the genre of heavy metal music! If you weren’t a fan before, Anever makes sure to reel you into their world of tremolo picking, fast-paced tempos, and blast beat drumming to give you an experience you won’t forget!

Give a listen to "Solo" here, and scroll below for the bands exclusive interview!


Hey guys, can you introduce yourselves to our readers? How did the band form?

The band formed immediately after founding members Soul Kerr and Jake Aaron Ward (no longer in the band) graduated high school in 2014. It was originally called Demize. The name changed to Skypark in 2015, releasing one EP called Ignite. In late 2016 the group lost two members and had to go into hiding for half a year to write a brand new record, which would become the Self-titled EP. Now Anever has played hundreds of shows, released two records, and is working hard on its first full length slated for release later in 2019.

What do you think is a current misconception in the metal music genre?

The biggest misconception will always be that metalheads are toxic, negative people. We have never agreed with this stereotype. We prefer to see metal music as a brutally honest reflection of the world we all live in, speaking to its less glamorous traits. Our music expresses our opinions on the uglier things in the world in the most relatable way possible, in hopes that we can help our fans deal with similar situations.

What is your writing process like? How often are you guys creating new music?

We are creating music every week now because it is time to release a new project. Our latest record, Comfort In Agony, has been on the airwaves since 2017 and a lot of things have changed internally since then. We have grown as musicians, learned more about functioning as an independent metal outlet in this industry, and became a much stronger unit overall.

Tell us a little bit about “Solo” and what’s it about!

Solo is a song for those who have come to terms with something toxic existing in their life. It isn't about surrendering to it's presence, but accepting that your life will be better if it isn't a part of it.

Any exciting upcoming live performances we should know about? Do you plan on touring anytime soon? We can't wait to hear what's next!

We are working on a lot of new projects for this year. Unfortunately we can't talk about them just yet, but if you like what you've seen so far and want to stay updated, be sure to follow all of our social media pages and you will know about everything we have coming as soon as we are able to share it!


Keep connected with Anever through the bands social media:


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