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¥ANG’s Debut Single “Stay With Me” Is Out Now!

¥ANG is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-talented recording artist. Growing up, he was always inspired by the greats of the 80’s and 90’s. His debut single, “Stay With Me” is an incredibly uplifting and pleasant new song. Crafting a spacious and organic bit of composition and songwriting from the offset, “Stay With Me” builds up to become more of a classic pop-rock hit that holds close to loving, poetic vibes. A brilliant melody that develops stylishly throughout helps make “Stay With Me” another anthem worth knowing about.

The entire feel and fire of “Stay With Me” gives off precisely the sentiments implied by the title. ¥ANG’s sound and style as an artist stands tall amidst this kind of writing and performance. The track doesn’t prompt you to consider genre or comparisons so much as it simply fills the room with good vibes and a clear connection to the moment. As a result, this is how you’re left feeling when the song is over. ¥ANG is an incredible artist and musician! “Stay With Me” was an absolute pleasure to listen to and we look forward to hearing more from ¥ANG in the near future!

Listen to “Stay With Me” and read more with ¥ANG in our interview below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on your debut single “Stay With Me”! How long has this single been in the works? What does this release represent for you? 

Thank you! Actually I started writing this song in early August. It suddenly came to me almost in its entirety all at once. But the real story is that I’d been working on this riff literally for years but it just wasn’t gelling. All I did was change the rhythm and the length of the main guitar riff and boom! It worked. But then it needed another section and that proved to be really difficult. For the rest of August I struggled to find another section that fit and then suddenly booya! It came to me. The section I’m talking about is the guitar solo. Anyway, this song represents artistic victory for me. I’m very happy with the song. It’s all compact and everything fits together nicely. It can be understood as a straight up love song but actually it’s really a conversation between God and a doubting, wavering believer. I’m not religious but if I did have a relationship with God then that’s how I’d describe it - with the lyrics of this song.

How long have you been writing songs and making music, and how does this project differ from what you’ve done before?

I’ve been writing songs for over 15 years and been involved in lots of different musical projects. I’ve been involved a lot in reggae and electronica but this style of music - indie rock / alternative, is how I started out in the early millennium and now I’m coming back to it. I think my voice and temperament fits this genre the best. I was always a massive grunge and punk fan and I think you can hear this in Stay with Me. I like the lo-fi sound. Things are way too overproduced these days.

There’s a real organic sound to your music that we love! How does the songwriting and recording process compare to live performance for you?

Actually my recorded sound is really close to my live sound. For this song we pretty much recorded it live with hardly any punch-ins, hence the organic sound. The only real difference is the mixing and layering of the sound but a lot of that can be done live as well.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through music so far?

Carpe diem. Don’t waste your time - quit f**king around as Trent Reznor correctly said. But you also have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day...

It was a pleasure to have you here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for you as an artist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?!

I have another single in the works - just having issues with the drum track. Might have to re-record the whole thing. It should be out by the end of the year. I’d love to tour next year - promoters call me yo!!! I think I might have an album ready by this time next year as well, so keep listening to the ¥ANG!! I’ll keep y’all posted.


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