Angel Dweh Releases Captivating R&B Single “Salud”

Based in Los Angeles, Angel Dweh is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor who was born in Liberia, Africa. He stumbled upon his passion for music at a very young age and has been developing his wide array of artistic expertise ever since. Angel Dweh is a multitalented artist who is known for bridging multiple genres in his songwriting and giving his audience a unique and truthful sound. He often creates music that combines aspects of R&B and pop music while he tells a story with his lyrics.

Creating his songs under the stage name Angel, he has just released a new single called “Salud.” This track effectively encompasses traditional R&B aspects but also includes his own cultural and honest flair. The backtrack consists of gentle orchestra bells and a trap-like beat as Angel hums the melody to “Salud.” His vocals echo in the background, giving “Salud” a mysterious underlying tone. Vocally, Angel has an attention-grabbing voice that makes you want to hear more once you get a taste. With his use of the word “Salud”, it is unclear whether Angel Dweh is saying “salute” as a gesture of respect, or the Spanish word “salud” that represents health, wealth and security. It is very possible that Angel Dweh is using a healthy combination of both meanings. Lyrically, the words “salud to the king, salud to the master” are repeated multiple times throughout “Salud,” making the song seem like an homage to a powerful person. A great classic R&B hit with Angel Dweh's own spin.

Listen to "Salud" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Angel Dweh! Your song “Salud” had an endearing sound, but the message is somewhat mysterious for listeners. Can you tell us more about the message of your song?

Thank you so much for having me! "Salud" the message of the song "Salud" is giving appreciation for everything that is happening in life but realizing that the is one person who needs the overall appreciation and it God. I wanted to give God thanks for everything he's doing in my life, let