Angel Groove Boasts New-Age Indie Vibes In “Save Me”

Las Vegas, NV based collective Angel Groove is comprised of three talented Asian-American artists. They boast a New-Age Indie/Pop-Rock sound as a result of their diverse influences such as The Cure all the way to Frank Ocean & Tame Impala all the way to New Edition. Angel Groove fuses these inspirations to create their unique genre-bending sound.

Just released this May, Angel Groove blessed us with their electric hit “Save Me”. The ambient indie vibes take the listener on a retrospective emotive journey. “Save Me” is a track about saving someone from themselves, their own thoughts, fears and doubts. This is a familiar feeling that everyone can relate too. Angel Groove molds connection with their fans through vulnerability and transparency. “Save Me” exudes a certain innocence to the sound while still remaining catchy and modern. Electronic keys flip the switch and take over with the groovy melody and soft vocals. Galvanizing today’s music scene, Angel Groove’s underground and new wave approach is admirable. The overall production and delivery of “Save Me” is spectacular and we can’t wait to see what Angel Groove delivers next! Stay on the lookout for these forward thinking, sonically groundbreaking artists!

Check out “Save Me” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves and what role you play within Angel Groove?

We're Angel Groove from Las Vegas, NV. We all produce and write songs, respectively. Efrem does lead vocals, guitars, synth/keys. Marvin plays bass and synth bass. Ron plays drums but also plays guitar and bass when we track. 

How did you all meet?

We've all been friends prior to Angel Groove and actually fans of each others music! Marvin and Ron were in a previous band Echo Stains and Efrem had his own band, NARRATIVES. We'd go on Cali trips to watch live shows, shoot videos and just hangout - Marvin and Ron even played a gig as NARRATIVES and in turn, Efrem would shoot photos for Echo Stains content. One day we just decided to merge bands and that's how this w