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Angel Sessions Is Bold And Stronger Than Ever, With Her New Single, "You Missed A Good Thing"

Angel Sessions started her career many years ago as an r&b artist. She says, "The road to success hasn't been easy, but after 20 or more years in the music industry, Angel Sessions has proven she is in it to stay".

Angel landed her first major record deal with Pittmobile/Ichiban Records and Volt Records. She has traveled to many places like Guam, which was at the Grammys pre-party in Los Angeles, and performed at the same venue with acts such as The Whispers, H-Town, Teena Marie, James Brown, and Eric Benet.

She has proved to be a great singer and songwriter as she's been perfecting her craft since the 90s, and don't we love some original r&b, with melodic tempos and soft yet bold vocals paired with it.

In her new single, "You Missed a Good Thing," she gives us all of that and more! Angel has worked so hard over the years, and it shows with her many accolades, from being nominated several times for a grammy award to being on some of the most profound shows to showcase her amazing talents.

As we listen to her latest single, she introduces us to powerful vocals and does not hold back on what she needs to say. She takes us back into a nostalgic time that we really wish we could relive, and obviously, she really helps us do that.

"You Missed a Good Thing" really touches on things that happened in a past relationship. She tells us how she was taken for granted, and she did not have it. There are so many relatable lyrics like "Now learn a lesson, you threw away your blessing" and "You won't see no tears you wonder why" she incorporates her raps and fast cadences so well while she tells her story. Angel ends it off with her striking and flashy vocals.

Angel Sessions gives us exactly what we need in times when we want to switch off and relax, run a bath, and chill.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Angel Sessions! We are delighted to have you here with us today. You've written and performed many records. What was your inspiration for "You Missed a Good Thing"?

You Missed a Good Thing was inspired by a real-life situation I had once upon a time, lol. I like to write about true stories and events I have experienced, or others may have experienced. I know that this song can relate to a lot of people. I wanted this song to also be a catchy dance song and play on lyrics. When people hear it, I hope they will come to love the song. It was released on March 18th and peaked at #1 on all three charts on Amazon for Best New Release, Bestseller in R&B, and Soul. I was truly excited to see that on the day of its release!

You have been in the music industry for years! What was your process with "You Missed a Good Thing"? Was it different, and how?

No, my process was the same. You Missed a Good Thing was a song released before from my first album Introducing Angel on Pittmoble Records, Distribute by Ichiban Records. I have a new album that will be released by the time people read this article, on March 25th, 2022, called "The Best of Angel Sessions R&B. I have lots of songs never before released digital, and You Missed a Good Thing was one of the songs. The upcoming album, "The Best of Angel Sessions R&B will, however, have a few new never before released songs on the album.

You have achieved many great things in your career. What was your favorite thing you were recognized for?

Wow, that's a great question! It's hard to say because I was recognized for a lot of things over the many years of my career. But if I had to choose one, I would say I was recognized for my songwriting ability. I write all of my own songs, and many of my songs have made it to the #1 charts on Amazon, SoundClick, and others. I am thankful to my heavenly Father God for The blessings that he has given me to share with the world. I'm also thankful to my team Demetrius Guidry and Rodney Crews from Atlas Elite Entertainment, for their continuest support of me and my career.

What drives you, and what advice would you give someone who wants to stick around for as long as you have?

What drives me is the passion and love I have for what I do, which is writing, recording, and putting out good music for my fans. If you don't have the passion for this, you will quit along the way because it's not in you to continue if it's not the love of what you do. I love my fans, and I have grown over the years. I continue with what I do, and my fans also keep me going. They always ask me when I am putting out something new! I love it when I receive emails from my fans and when I post about something, and they reply.

It makes me so happy. I will have to say to those who want to get into this music business that you have to decide why do you want to do this. If it's just for the fame and to be rich, you may be trying for a long time because this does not happen overnight, and you have to decide whether you want to do this because you love to sing and share your talent or because you see all the others that have made it big, to be like them. It isn't easy, although it may seem like it is. But social media can help if you know how to react to your audience and with kindness, always be kind to your fans. That's so important because you can lose your audience if you don't treat them right. Having talent is one thing, but treating your fans with love by your response is the biggest thing to me that is so important because they will stick with you if you do.

What's next for you?

Answer: What's next is my upcoming new album, "The Best of Angel Sessions R&B coming on March 25th. I am very excited to be releasing this album because it has been two years since I have released my last album called Joy. I will see what God has in store for my life, so until then, be on the lookout for my new album, which will have 18 songs on it.


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