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Angelina Alexon Releases An Original Holiday Tune, "Christmas Time"

It's not every day you hear a vocal range like Mariah Carey. But singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Angelina Alexon makes that a reality with her new holiday single, "Christmas Time."

Praised for her five-octave vocal range, impressive whistle notes, and ability to sing in eight languages, Angelina Alexon described herself as a self-contained independent artist, one who's taking the modern music scene by storm. She's already amassed over 60M views on viral videos, and the success continues with the release of "Christmas Time."

Angelina Alexon wrote the song at the tender age of 12, reflecting on how she's usually the peacemaker in her family during the chaotic holiday season. Her artistry continues to make waves, as Alexon recently sang the national anthem and "Christmas Time," among other originals, at the 27th annual Global Goddess Artemis Awards Ceremony at the US Capitol.

Diving deeper into "Christmas Time," the song beautifully opens with Angelina Alexon's chilling falsetto alongside tender piano melodies and shimmering jingle bells, leading into the pop-oriented, lush verse. As Alexon sets the scene with her descriptive lyrics of her seasonal surroundings, she channels her inner festive cheer to spread it with others in the most melodic, uplifting way possible.

It's quite impressive to think that Angelina Alexon wrote this song at age twelve, and it was originally recorded on a cellphone. It perfectly paints serene holiday pictures while the cinematic instrumentals jingle and dance with glee, helping us embrace the season of giving with a new yet timeless tune - one that'll make its way to our speakers every December.

Experience the holiday essence wrapped up in a beautiful, original new single from Angelina Alexon. Find "Christmas Time" on all digital streaming platforms.


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