Angvl Serves Some Sweet "Cherry Pie" in His Latest Release

From Syracuse to Los Angeles, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Angvl releases a sweet and passionate contemporary ballad with his latest hit, "Cherry Pie."

Striving to evoke profound emotions in the listener through each release, Angvl always gives his audience a reason to continue listening. Inspired by late acts like Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle, Angvl never shies away from wearing his heart on his sleeve in order to form a deeper connection with the listener.

Sweetening our days with his latest heartfelt and passionate ballad, "Cherry Pie," Angvl opens his heart while inviting listeners to experience his vulnerable and sincere emotions. As he grooves alongside the savory and downtempo beat, Angvl offers an incredibly warm and genuine performance to heighten our emotions.

Taking a deeper listen to "Cherry Pie," the song opens with a smooth electric guitar and a punchy mid-tempo beat that brings this beautiful lo-fi experience. As Angvl joins the party, he begins to ride the beat with incredible passion and heart while enlightening someone on their power and beauty. As Angvl continues confessing how he needs someone special by his side, he's perfectly complemented by the song's soothing sonics that brings equal amounts of passion as Angvl's lyricism.

Moving through the song, Angvl loses us in a daydream with his warm delivery and natural charisma, as he's able to perfectly convey his deepest emotions while allowing the listener to relate. As he continues expressing his love and devotion for someone dear to his heart, Angvl takes our hand while strolling to the outro of this lush and dreamy tune.

Open your heart with Angvl's latest passionate single, "Cherry Pie," now available on all digital streaming platforms.