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Anie Delgado Shows Listeners What She's Made Of With Single Release "Daydream"

Cuban-American artist Anie Delgado is all about setting the right kind of tone with her music. As a predominantly Pop music artist, Anie Delgado has always known that music was a strong innate passion of hers. Whether that sparked from her early days of guitar-playing or writing songs and studying at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, it's widely understood that Anie Delgado's heart belongs to music. Currently in the works to release her debut EP, Something Beautiful, Anie Delgado wants to give listeners a sneak peek of what they can expect with the release of the EP's first song, "Daydream."

Anie Delgado has released her magical-sounding single, "Daydream." The song's name truly does it justice, as Anie Delgado does the perfect job of ensuring the ambiance of the song matches a dream-like state. The narrative of the single hones in on Anie Delgado's inner thoughts and perceptions, detailing truths that are close to her heart. Further, Anie Delgado naturally embraces honesty and transparency, which is fully communicated within her music. "Daydream" was Anie Delgado's chance to showcase her angelic vocal stylings in the best manner possible, and we see the single becoming the next big pop hit. All in all, Anie Delgado impressed us with her organic vocal range, combined with her natural sense of innocence.

"Daydream" had a celestial and almost heavenly atmosphere to it. Would you say this was the kind of energy you had hoped to wash over your listeners as they listened to the track?

Yes! This year has been so hard on everyone. I wrote Daydream and most of my EP from quarantine. Of course, having all of this time in isolation has given me a lot of time to reflect on who I am as a person. This soundscape in Daydream is totally an accurate representation of who I am and how I feel inside.  I decided to make an EP that emulated that kind of hopefulness in all of its imperfection - I thought it would help people through this very difficult time to hear music that has a conscious but also uplifting  Also, this kind of atmosphere just seemed like a natural progression after my song Galaxy.

How did the construction of "Daydream" end up detailing out? Do you typically have one strong vision for your songs and run with it for the entirety of the writing/recording phase?

This song actually challenged my songwriting process. I typically go in knowing exactly what I want to write about and having a really strong idea for the hook and first verses, but in the studio, the song totally changed meaning. I was originally writing it about taking the high road in a friendship when someone is trying to bring you down to a petty level, but the amazing production my friend Sam did inspire this song. It immediately felt intoxicating and dreamy, like the feeling of wanting something you can’t have. That inspired the lyrics and the song ended up taking a new meaning. The first verse is actually the only part that was in the original song. We ended up re-writing the pre-hook in version 2 and then the hook actually took three different forms. We finally landed on this because I thought it perfectly captured that feeling of “I want you really bad, I’m awesome, take it or leave it.” It also kind of gives me modern disco studio 54 vibes which is one of my favorite eras to draw inspiration from. 

How would you compare "Daydream" to previously released songs you've come out with?

Galaxy and Kaleidoscope have similar dreamy soundscapes, but Daydream really enters the realm of RnB which I grew up with. It’s a song whereas a young artist I feel like I really discovered my voice and the perfect combo of what I like. It blends psychedelic soundscapes with RnB vibes with pop writing. It’s a combination I feel really passionately for.

Your EP, "Something Beautiful" is set to release quite soon! How would you say the EP is coming along and what kind of emotions do you have regarding its future release?!

Yes! I’m so excited! I’ve been working on this throughout quarantine and have been dying to show it to the world since all of the songs were written. I think the main emotion is just excitement for that reason. I feel like I’ve really found my voice on this so I am excited to introduce myself and my music to people.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Songwriting. I’ve always written, but having that during 2020 has been a lifeline. I’ve been writing almost every day about almost everything. Taylor Swift has always been an inspiration and also her dropping Folklore has been such an inspiration for letting your imagination run wild in songwriting. To not feel limited by your own personal experiences, but to explore writing about everything and anything. I have secured a few sync relationships during quarantine so that also has me writing way more than often and I’m so grateful. Lastly and arguably most important is the reliance and desire to do good from people. Sure, there is a lot of ugliness that has surfaced due to this year's happenings, but there’s also a lot of great things that are happening like the Black Lives Matter movement that has been put off far too long. One of my songs on my EP is about change and how inspired I am by my generation, so this definitely has been a huge inspiration for me.




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