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Animals for Hands Release Psychedelic Indie Song "Walking on the Beach"

Animals for Hands is an indie rock/psych-pop band who calls Austin, Texas home. This 5-piece group recently released their EP "Painted Lady" this past August via Spotify. 

"Walking on the Beach" is a groovy, chill song accompanied by a psychedelic animated music video. This track emanates beachy vibes with a message focused on mental health. Animals for Hands wrote the song with inspiration from the struggles of PTSD, depression, and anxiety, in hopes of it reaching and helping others to find comfort with their own struggles. You can definitely hear that message in the lyrics. The words produce imagery of not having control over your own thoughts and emotions, providing depth and meaning to the song. Combined with funky melodies, "Walking on the Beach" results in a groovy, jazzy tune to let your inner battles drift away. It is a feel-good song that provides an outlet and hope for those who are struggling, and an enjoyable listening experience all around. The ambiance of the song creates a Woodstock era familiarity while incorporating a modern spin. The instrumentation blends together well showing the strength of the production. All in all, Animals for Hands have achieved intoxicating sounds through the simplicity and power of a good song.

We can’t wait to hear what Animals for Hands comes out with next!


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