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Anna Cole Releases Her High Energy Bilingual Single “Boom Boom Bang”

Anna Cole is a North Carolina based Pop artist whose music touches on and brings awareness to hard-hitting teenage issues. Since kickstarting her career in 2017, Anna has performed under the Great American Solar Eclipse, touched the souls of peers with her irresistible music, and has recently gained the career milestone of signing with her first label, Submindle Records.

Anna Cole recently released her high energy bilingual single “Boom Boom Bang.” “Boom Boom Bang” is one of those tunes that would instantly send a dance floor into a craze. As the song begins we instantly fell in love with Annas' ever so sweet voice, it makes us feel all giddily inside which is complemented by the Latin inspired groovy instrumental. As the chorus hits, we found ourselves being blown off our chairs and dancing around the room. There is something truly special about Anna’s enchanting voice, it’s got some of that modern pop flair to it but also has a slight dash of raspiness and boldness that sticks out from the crowd - her voice is incredibly memorable. “Boom Boom Bang” features organic blends of synth and guitar, incredibly high energy explosive drums, a bass that constantly sucks you in, and Anna’s incredible bold vocal performance. This is a phenomenal high energy release that you can easily expect to be heard on dance floors around the world.

Listen to “Boom Boom Bang” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Anna Cole! Wow-what a release! We heard that this song was worked on in Spain, Switzerland, and North Carolina, what was that experience like? Were there ever any challenges faced with working in quite a few different countries? Well, it went smoother than I could imagine. The internet really has made this a small world! For Boom Boom Bang, here is kind of how it went: Maison Real, my producer in Barcelona, Spain created the music and then sent it to me. I added my input and feedback. We worked up something we both liked. Then he sent over the completed music track and we began recording the vocals here in North Carolina. After they were finished, we sent the vocals back to Maison and he began mixing it. After a few tweaks and back and forths, the final mix was ready. We then submitted the final mix to Submindie Records in Zurich, Switzerland and they offered to sign me and release it, along with two remixes that they would create. And at the end of the effort, we have three versions of my new song Boom Boom Bang: the original studio version and two remixes by  Submindie. It just went live on Spotify!

We are absolutely loving hearing your voice grow since the last time you were here, how do you think you have grown as an artist since your last release? What kind of goals do you have for future releases?

I am working on becoming my own person and having my own vibe. I am learning to relax in the studio and reach deep within myself to sing as an individual, and not try to copy anybody else. I think the best way I will have success is to be myself and follow my instincts.

“Boom Boom Bang” has such an incredibly high energy and pace that is sure to send every dance floor into a craze, was this something that was part of the original songwriting process? How did the song transform when it was initially written versus now? Was there ever that classic singer-songwriter with a guitar vibe?

It is pretty close to the original idea we talked about, but has been sharpened and perfected over several back and forth idea exchanges. Maison truly has that Latin beat thing going on. Being from Spain, this just comes naturally to him and is what attracted my interest. One thing that is dramatically different though; I came up with the idea of singing some of the lyrics in Spanish. I told him about it and he was like 'Yes let's try this!' Why not sing some in Spanish since there is such a great Latin beat already there? I had to try real hard to do a good job with the Spanish parts and we feel it came out pretty good! Maybe next we'll try a guitar/vocal acoustic version?

Congratulation on becoming signed with Submindie Records! That must be really exciting! How did that whole process happen? What was the experience like for you?

We began shopping my songs to record labels around the world, concentrating mostly on Europe. I feel that is where I might have the best chance to be heard and considered. After many labels saying 'No thank you, maybe another time' we came across Sascha Weberknecht, the CEO of Submindie Records. It is a brand new record label and they were looking for their first pop artist to release. It was the timing that was right for this label. I had something that they wanted at the right time, and they had something I wanted at the right time. From there, Submindie was so great! Everything fell into place and in a matter of just a few months we signed the record deal and here we are with a release! I am very excited about the future.

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