Anna Cordell Reminds Us About the Little Things With “After Tomorrow” Music Video

Anna Cordell is an up and coming artist who has just released a heartwarming music video for her single “After Tomorrow”. Because of her Persian roots, Anna Cordell has always wanted to collaborate with an Iranian artist. The video was filmed in Iran by Anna Cordell’s friend; an artist, director, and photographer Farzane Ghandyanloo, who co-directed the video with Rick Douglas.

The video for “After Tomorrow” begins with a scene of a woman picking plants in a field as she sings in another language. Her voice is then taken over by an elegant piano melody and Anna Cordell’s delicate vocals. She sings in a hushed tone and draws out each note to produce a dramatic, echoing effect. The entirety of “After Tomorrow” consists of Anna Cordell’s soulful vocals paired with the piano background. Set in Iran, Anna Cordell’s music video artfully flashes through clips of simple moments that are often taken for granted in life. The video includes Farzane and all of her close friends and family; she warms herself by a fire, a lady knits, and a child stands in front of an ocean. She captures such authentic moments and includes clips of all kinds of people; young and old. By creating a heartwarming energy, Anna Cordell’s music video for “After Tomorrow” allows fans to admire the simplicity of life.