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Anna Cordell Tugs at Our Heartstrings with Her Latest Emotional Piece “Tried So Hard”

Alternative singer/songwriter Anna Cordell releases her intimate and emotional song titled “Tried So Hard”. From growing up writing folk songs on her nylon string guitar to stitching outfits through clothing design, Anna Cordell has always been known as a creator. Drawing inspiration from the ’60s and '70s folk writers, Anna continues to push her belief of the value and power of art. Her latest hit “Tried So Hard” captures themes of finding the light within yourself, even when others see it and you particularly don’t. Alongside a powerful music video surrounding Anna Cordell, her 5 daughters, mother, and grandmother, capturing women at all stages of life with the same emotional validity.

“Tried So Hard” opens with soft and unique drum patterns that shape the track to be incredibly serene. While Anna Cordell’s talented and emotional electric guitar picking brings forward a sense of calm after the self-destructive storm. Her lyrics sing a song of finding love within yourself and having someone love you despite the flaws you created in your mind. Anna Cordell has taken vulnerability to a new plane, with a pure music video that tugs at your heartstrings and lets you appreciate the vigorous walk of life. “Tried So Hard” captures Anna Cordell’s delicate and heavenly vocals displaying an incredibly relatable work of art through mild yet effective instrumentation. Her song and music video for “Tried So Hard” is definitely worth the stream.

Listen to "Tried So Hard" here.



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