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Anna Duboc Makes Her Captivating Debut With “Feel The Glow”

Anna Duboc is a 12 year old musical prodigy and gifted artist. She’s already sung with Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli and Kenny Loggins and appeared with her middle school choir at Carnegie Hall. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer is quickly emerging as a powerful, eloquent and inspirational voice of her generation and beyond.

Written and produced by her mother, acclaimed pop songwriter and contemporary jazz vocalist Carol Duboc, “Feel The Glow” is an uplifting, essential anthem for our troubled times, a reminder to believe in ourselves and our dreams and let our inner light shine – even when the odds seem daunting, the challenges too great, the voices around us too loud. Anna sings. “Feel the glow, let it shine through you…Share who you are to the world.” “Feel The Glow” features an impressive outpouring of musical ability and passion. The whole thing is rhythmically on point and takes the listener through a series of feelings as the full performance comes together. Given the color and vibrancy of Anna Duboc, to witness such a raw solo performance is mesmerizing. Her vocals are crisp, pure, and finely-calibrated well beyond her years. There’s no question as to Anna’s connection to the music she plays, to the art of piano playing in general, and “Feel The Glow” at the very least introduces a dedicated musician with a genuine love for the art-form.

Listen to “Feel The Glow” here and read more with Anna Duboc in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Anna! How did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue in life?

I’ve always loved music. It is my passion. Whenever I am singing or listening to music it feels like there is nothing wrong with the world.

What does you debut single “Feel The Glow” represent for you?

It represents hope and believing in yourself.

Your voice is beautiful! Have you had professional training?

Thank you so much! I have been with Janet Adderley at the Adderley School for 9 years. I think the shows I have done there have really helped. I also get professional training from my mom.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward?

I would like to be a positive role model. I feel it is important, especially in today’s world, to have people in entertainment display joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self control and I hope to do this going forward.

How does having an inspiration like Carol Duboc as your mom help influence your sound?

My mom has been my producer and vocal coach, so I am sure she has been a big influence. My sound is very different from hers and she encourages my creativity.


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