Anna Duboc Moves Listeners With Heartfelt Single, "Ballad"

Youthful artist Anna Duboc has already garnered quite the track record for herself and established a delicate, yet powerful reputation as a music artist.

Attending the Adderley School of Performing Arts, Anna Duboc has further established a solid theatre presence within the industry and honing in all of her artistic skills, she's able to find the inspiration and drive to create her emotionally-driven music.

This sort of drive pays off, as Anna Duboc's recent music has already been featured on shows such as God Friended Me.

What we get from Anna Duboc's is intimate, real, and pure in many aspects, and her recent song release portrays this in the most fitting way.

Anna Duboc has released her beautiful composition, titled "Ballad". Anna's approach to the song is classic and traditional, yet she still maintains her own personable flair. Many elements of Anna Duboc's personality are able to intimately shine through during "Ballad", and listeners are exposed to her honest truth.

With the soft and warm piano infusion, Anna Duboc's vocal range is complemented in a beautiful way, which ultimately highlights the best aspects of her vocalism. Anna Duboc lives up to each and every emotion within a song, and "Ballad" proves it. Listeners are brought along the journey of love, and the heartbreak that accompanies it.

You can feel the potency of each feeling intricately embedded into "Ballad". The video provides an extremely intimate performance, where Anna keeps it unplugged and sings illustriously. The most goosebump moment in her performance would have to be the ending, where her highest pitch blossoms and unveils itself effortlessly. Tune in to Anna Duboc's "Ballad" to find what other goosebumps moments you'll experience.

As a young music artist who already has a long resumé within the industry, what kind of advice would you give to other young artists that are attempting to grow within the music scene?

Practice and enjoy what you do. 

"Ballad" was incredibly intimate. How would you describe the technique you took toward this song compared to other songs/covers you've released?

I wrote this song in January when I was still going to school and before the pandemic. It was very personal to me and was actually hard to perform because the feelings are so strong. This song wrote itself really, from true emotions.

Was there a certain reason or thought behind the visuals within "Ballad"? Do you prefer to keep it intimate with the type of performance you record?

I originally had another concept for the video, but since we can't really make videos with full productions right now, I am just setting up a camera in the studio, and with my mom's help, we are recording the video and music in a live setting. Usually in one or two takes. 

What kind of future work are you looking to undergo within your own progression as a music artist?

I have many ideas for songs with guitar, so I am learning guitar. I am doing more of my own writing, but I also like covering great songs from time to time. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My friends inspire me, and the hope that life will go back to normal soon. I really love being with my friends.