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Anna Mae Romanticizes Life Through her Music

Nashville's own Anna Mae is an alternative-pop artist that is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She has released numerous singles, stars in and releases music videos, and had many license deals within the film industry. Musically, Anna Mae captures her fans' hearts with her delicate vocals that usually accompany a variety of string instruments.

Anna Mae has a unique curative style for her music. She begins her writing process by first coming up with a title for her songs. Next, she'll think of the feeling she wants to convey, and from there, it naturally flows. Without trying to be too heavy or emotional, Anna Mae aims to create truthful lyrics that tell a relatable story – generally a love story. The listener will have no trouble putting themselves in her shoes and feeling her experiences firsthand. What's so attractive about Anna Mae's music is her ability to write lyrics that feel like a personal memory to each listener.

Read our exclusive interview with Anna Mae, here.


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