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Anna Thoresen Discusses Personal Struggles In, “Party Girl’s Lament”

From New Jersey to New York, singer-songwriter and producer Anna Thoresen expresses her innermost battles in her vulnerable sophomore single, "Party Girl's Lament."

Anna Thoresen was deeply immersed in music from a young age, performing in musical theater and joining choirs. It wasn't until the pandemic struck that Thoresen released her debut single, "I Think This Is Love?." The new pop/r&b prospect is best known for creating glorious melting pots of sounds that fuse bedroom pop, alternative r&b, and singer-songwriter sensibilities.

This can be heard through her latest single, "Party Girl's Lament," the lead single from Anna Thoresen's forthcoming debut EP set to release later this year. The new song sees Thoresen at her most vulnerable, recounting experiences with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Anna Thoresen explains that this song aims to break the stigma around addiction, "especially with underage high school and college kids...nobody talks about it."

Diving into the new single, "Party Girl's Lament," the song peacefully opens with an ethereal electric guitar picking its way to our hearts. As her stunning and gentle vocals begin pouring through our speakers, Anna Thoresen carefully expands on those odd party moments where we feel lost, out of place, and in need of an outlet to cope with our stressors.

It's an incredibly lush and tender listening experience, and Anna Thoresen paints such delicate and compelling scenes effortlessly. Her soothing instrumentals back her up while Thoresen expresses a desire to go home, turn off her phone, and be alone. She has no problem moving the listener with her words, and this song is genuinely no exception.

Start your journey to healing and acceptance with help from Anna Thoresen's vulnerable sophomore single, "Party Girl's Lament," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Anna Thoresen. You've truly moved us with your vulnerable and relatable words in your new single, "Party Girl's Lament." What moments or experiences inspired you to write this personal song?

Hi! Thank you so much. I’ve struggled with addiction and anxiety since I was 16, so writing about those topics came pretty easily to me. I just recently became clean, and I’ve never felt happier and healthier! I wanted to bring awareness to the stigma surrounding drug and alcohol abuse in teens/young adults because I feel like it is something that is so relevant, yet we never talk about it as a society.

What sound and vibe did you want to give the instrumentals in "Party Girl's Lament?" Did you create the instrumentals and production entirely solo?

I really liked the stripped-back simple vibe of the guitar, and I didn’t want to overcomplicate it production-wise, so I decided to just keep the guitar and the vocals. I feel like that helps let the message sink in more, and it makes it a very personal experience for the listener. I actually didn’t come up with the guitar on this, my friend Matt did, and I wrote all of the lyrics and melodies. What was the most rewarding part about creating such a cathartic track like "Party Girl's Lament?" What did you take away from the experience?

I think the most rewarding part about making a song like this is the healing that comes afterward. It has really helped me in my own journey to write about how I’m feeling when I’m sad or vulnerable, and I always feel like there’s a weight lifted off me after I do it. Something I took from this experience is that being vulnerable is okay, and the more I do it, the easier I’m able to express myself in my music and in life.

How does "Party Girl's Lament" prepare listeners for what's to come on your forthcoming debut EP? What should we anticipate from that project?

This song prepares you for the EP because there will definitely be more songs about addiction and mental health and other more serious topics. Releasing “party girl’s lament” was me dipping my toes in the water by releasing sad music and seeing the response. You can anticipate more songs with similar sonic vibes to my last two singles, and I plan on releasing it at the end of this year!

What's next for you?

I want to start performing my songs live, so I’d love to play some shows in the near future. Besides that, I don’t have anything planned as of right now. I honestly like not having a solid plan as of right now and just seeing where the universe takes me, so my “plan” is to just keep making music!

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