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Annais Shares Her "High Thoughts"

22-year-old Annais is an emerging singer-songwriter from South Central LA. Taking her deep love for the genre of R&B, Annais allows musical influences Aaliyah, H.E.R., and Rihanna, to speak into the way that she portrays her artistry.

Fixating our attention to the sultry captivation of her showcased single, “High Thoughts,” we admire the compelling universe that Annais has lured us into with her vibrant performance. The way that “High Thoughts” tackles various realms of prevailing and intimate at the same time is remarkable. When listening to this song, we feel alive as an amplified sense of comfort reigns supreme from the delicate timbres conveyed by Annais.

With the theme being based on her getting high and turning her thoughts into actions, we navigate through the headspace of Annais while effortlessly allowing in the breathtaking fusion of the elusive instrumentation paired with Annais’ vocalization. The lyrics have us swirling in a euphoric universe that pulls us into its embrace. Here we fully immerse ourselves in the artistic talents that she fluently disperses, as she sheds the realism inside of her very being. “High Thoughts” carries out an intriguing structure that allows this song to go on for five minutes, with you being more stimulates each moment that passes by.

As the elusive sound waves of Annais’ songwriting techniques coming to a halt with raw emotion shed in the deliberate laughs kept in the arrangement, the musical outro gently takes us to our final destination as we linger around the resonance of “High Thoughts.”

Listen to "High Thoughts" here.

Congratulations on the release of “High Thoughts.” We love the authenticity that shines through this song! How did you know that you would take this song and go in the route that you did with it? Thank you for having me, and thanks for the support! Honestly, I didn't know. I just went with the flow of my mind. For me, writing songs comes organically. My songs are like my diary, I write what I feel, and whatever sounds right. I wrote this in the moment but with each song I write, each process is different, so it depends. Could you please take us what went into the creative process that you approached when making a song this intimate and vulnerable? Well, this song came when I first started smoking weed. Me feeling this new feeling, that made me feel a whole bunch of other things, in which I've never felt before. So, I was fascinated by how I felt. Like 'oh man, I'm feeling super vulnerable, but I'm alone in my room. So I was thinking 'What would I do if I had that certain person here to fulfill my desires? What would I do to them? How would it go?' So I basically foreplayed it in my head and wrote it down. I just let it flow out. I got some inspiration from this random beat I found online, so I wrote for most of the night. Was there anyone helping you to achieve the desired sounds that we hear floating in “High Thoughts?" If so, how did they enhance the project?

Yes, my good friend Virshawn Green. He's the man behind the track. He's also the person you hear at the beginning of the song. I asked him to help me make the beat and gave him the chords. He did his thing of course. I'm not one to talk much, so it's crazy how he knows what sound I'm trying to give. Like he just knows. I really enjoy working with him, he just gets me musically. You'll definitely hear more from him on my next project. What is the main message that you send to your listeners through the music that you release?

Honestly, I wouldn't say there's much of a message to get from my music right now. Most of the music you hear and don't hear is me getting out feelings and trying to get to know myself through my creative process. For most of my childhood, I've had trouble with anxiety, stage fright, and I never really had the confidence to put myself out there. I always wanted to have a perfect voice, not realizing that I needed to do the work to be who I wanted to be. I had to figure that out on my own. So I'm doing the work. This is me finding myself, like postcards while I'm away in my head. If one was to get a message from my music, it would be that I'm gonna do me, I'm gonna be me unapologetically. I'm not worried about anything but my business. I'm a kind person, but you'd never know because I'm an introvert and I have a lovely resting bitch face. All in all, I'm here to make good music. I'm open-minded when it comes to music, so I want to do any and everything. I'll always want to elevate. I'll better my craft now, so maybe in the future, I can inspire someone else.



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