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Another U Get Effortlessly Fly On Their New Release “Feel Like Me”

Sometimes, you just have to have confidence in yourself.

Having made music separately for six and twelve years, respectively, brothers Niels and Karl decided to join forces to bring you the dynamic project Another U.

Hailing from Luton, England, this talented duo has spent years perfecting their craft to pursue their dreams, waiting and honing their skills for the right moment. Blending alternative influences with melodic rap, these brothers are poised to take the scene by storm with their unique sound, and if they fulfill the vast potential they’ve shown, they’re sure to take the music industry by storm.

Interestingly, although the brothers have been making music separately for so long, their musical journey started a decade ago. One day, Karl brought home a MacBook, and Niels started experimenting with Logic Pro.

Little did the brothers know, but these innocent beginnings would herald the start of a grand musical journey that’s still unfurling today. With Niels providing the recording, mixing, and mastering skills and Karl handling rapping duties in Another U, these two brothers have made a cohesive, fresh, and compelling project.

“Feel Like Me” is an avant-garde release that shows the duo’s ability to push their artistry to its limits and, perhaps most pertinently, do it excitingly and compellingly. Otherworldly synths and 808s transport you to Another U’s ethereal soundscape, but lines like “So ahead of the curve you thought Beckham released” and “How you get fly like that lil n**** I promise I don’t even think” keep you grounded to their reality.

Accompanied by a trippy and captivating music video that features Another U vibing to “Feel Like Me” as reality is blended with AI, there’s a little something to stimulate all your senses. Another U’s fresh release, “Feel Like Me,” is an atmospheric offering that will leave your head in the clouds.

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