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Anthony Bezel Displays Rhythmic Flavour in New Song “Bounce”

Anthony Bezel is a Toronto based artist who creates an intricate fusion between rap and R&B. Starting to write his verses at the age of 6, Anthony slowly realized that this is what he wanted to be doing as his life and then after spending some time in Florida he became fully invested in making his dreams come to life. Anthony recently released his single “Bounce” and Anthony does not hold back for a moment on what he can do.

From the moment “Bounce” begins we felt our body moving to the rhythms, there’s a bit of that skipping feeling that leaves us in awe. Anthony Bezel tells us the story about pushing yourself forward no matter what others are telling you and it completely hits home. His rhythmic execution of this theme is one that leaves the chorus stuck in our heads. “Bounce” features these super ambient pads that give the perfect vibe to the vocal performance, an explosive but heavy steady 808 drum groove, and honest raw performance from Anthony Bezel that is full of clever rhyming and rhythmic flavors. This record is going to keep stuck in our minds for a long while and we can’t wait to hear what else Anthony will be delivering to feed our cravings for more.

Listen to "Bounce" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Anthony Bezel! Your latest release “Bounce” to us seems to really focus on both your rhyming and rhythmic flows, what was it like to write and perform these lyrics? Were there any tricks that you learned that helped you execute this performance?

The vibe was pretty much set from the jump when I and RARI get in the studio. We were in the studio as usual as he was going through sounds. I try not to focus on "trying" to infuse singing and rapping it was just the vibe of the instrumental

We are loving the blend of the ambient vibes of R&B with some flairs of mainstream Hip-Hop! How did your parents' influences and music tastes help fuse your sound? Do you have any of your own influences that helped shaped you? Ya, my dad influenced my musical taste alot. He was a reggae singer/DJ and always had a huggggeee collection of records. My mother also loved music which is why they hit it off. She used to go to concerts and collect CDs during the 90s. Unfortunately, they didn't last the long haul and get married but they did influence my choices in musical taste for sure

It’s definitely something to have started writing at 6 years old and then deciding at 14 that this is your passion. What was it that helped you learn that this was your dream? Was there a defining moment? My uncle and cousin were big inspirations as they were rapping and producing as well. Influences like Kardinal Offishall and cochlear producing music from our city as well as a defining moment. It was always a stigma that no one made it out of Toronto and that we wouldn't be able to break down barriers but watching Kardinal Offishall for the first time on American television (during my hiatus to Florida with my mother)I saw that we could do whatever our minds imagined

We get the feeling in “Bounce” that you’re telling us about pushing forward no matter what anyone says. What was the intended message that you had about the tune? How do you connect to the lyrics personally? It's basically that feel. Push through no matter what. We will be ok. I connect with all my lyrics personally because they come from such a personal space. I create with the intention of releasing my thoughts, morals, and ideals. 


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