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Anthony Levone Impresses Us With His Incredible Flow In "What It's Like"

Anthony Levone is an artist you're going to want to keep an eye out for (we already are). As a relatively new R&B/hip-hop artist, Anthony is distinct with the sound he produces. Anthony is the type of artist that puts out music unique to the listeners ear, and we're obsessing over the type of ambiance he makes us feel when we're listening. You can really feel the power and emotion Anthony embeds within his productions, and we honestly appreciate that sense of honesty when it comes to artistry. We appreciate the artists who give it their all with expressing their feelings, and we can truly say that Anthony empowers his listeners through this surge of emotion within his music. 

Anthony's latest single "What It's Like" is giving us some J.Cole vibes on the production side, and we're all for this kind of vibe Anthony Levone is giving to us as listeners. His lyricism is catchy, and holds a lot of irony. "What It's Like" is that kind of track where you feel elegant and surging with confidence while listening to. Anthony knows how to captivate the listener with his distinct and assertive vocalism, combined with the tone of voice that simultaneously calms and exasperates you. The production and tempo held predominantly throughout the track is almost alluring--we feel entranced by Anthony's voice. We seriously are hitting it off with "What It's Like"--already added to our playlists, and we're highly encouraging that the BuzzMusic community adds it to theirs too!

Discover "What It's Like" here


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