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Anthony Lucas Finds Himself Haunted By “Ghosts Of You”

When love burns out, sometimes the shadows are all that remain.

In the vibrant and vast world of pop music, few artists have blended genres with the audacity and finesse that Anthony Lucas has. Hailing from “The Land Down Under,” this Australian sensation continues to carve his name in the history books with each release.

Having established himself as a sensational singer and a symbol of inclusivity and artistic integrity within the LGBTQI+ community, it’s extremely easy to root for this dynamic artist, and we’ll be watching closely as his career continues to unfold.

Having mesmerized audiences with his pitch-perfect tenor vocal range, Lucas first caught the public eye on Season 7 of X Factor Australia, where his magnetic stage presence and vocal skills captivated both judges and viewers alike. He would go from strength to strength at this point,  emerging as a Platinum winner at the prestigious 2014 World Championships of Performing Arts. Now based in the City of Angels full-time, Lucas is constantly surrounded by the industry’s brightest minds, and the effect on his music has been nothing short of exemplary. 

Lucas’s latest release, “Ghosts of You,” is a dynamic offering where Lucas’s impassioned vocals steal the show, captivating listeners with an impassioned vocal performance. The instrumental performance is nothing to be dismissed either, with flawlessly produced pop instrumentals perfectly setting Lucas up to knock it out of the park. As he sings lines like “Only shadows of us stayed alive / They haunt this mind” and “Gave you every piece of me I was barely breathing,” immersing you in the soundscape he’s created, he speaks to you on an emotional level as well, leading to a captivating release.

Now, nestled in the heart of the global music mecca, Anthony Lucas finds himself at arguably the world’s epicenter of creativity, collaborating with some of the industry's most revered producers. As he continues to push his star higher and higher, tap in and stream Anthony Lucas’s latest release, “Ghosts of You,” out now on all majour streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Anthony Lucas! We loved “Ghosts of You” and had to ask! What was the creative process like for this release? Could you take us through it?

Thank you so much for having me. This song is so important to me. It really takes my audience on a journey of what I’ve been through over the past few years. For those that don’t know I came out as gay in 2020. I experienced my first love but also first heartbreak. This song takes you on a journey of all of that. From finding my truth at the age of 20 to then being haunted by the ghosts of a relationship I cherished.

The song wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible support and help from my team. Creating it involved formulating my overall story and knowing what I wanted to say. I then worked with the producers and songwriters to express all my emotions and pour them into ghosts of you.

It required me to be vulnerable and honest and not afraid to tell my story.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process for making songs, and why?

I definitely saw my story come to life in the songwriting process and really got to express my emotion from the beginning. It allows me to just be so real and connect with my audience.

What goals do you want to achieve through your music?

With my entire new EP I really want to connect with my fans both existing and the ones that are yet to discover me. It’s a goal of mine to be an icon and a really strong influence in the LGBT+ community, inspiring those that have been on a similar journey to myself. I want share the message of trusting the process of self discovery.

My overall goal is to continue to create music and perform on stage for people. It’s what drives me.

What does music mean to you, and if your listeners could take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

Music is incredibly important to me as means of self expression and creativity. I use music to process and convey my thoughts, feelings and experiences on issues close to me. I hope listeners resonate with the messages I convey through my music, see themselves in it and that it provides a cathartic experience for them to process their emotions as well.

What I write in my songs are real life stories and experiences that i want to share, I hope in some way it resonates and connects with those that listen.

What’s next for Anthony Lucas? Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

You can expect a lot more songs and live shows to come. I plan on heading back to LA in 2024 and get back into the studio.


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