Anthony Paul Displays His Artistic Sincerity Throughout the Year

American singer/songwriter Anthony Paul has had a consistent and methodic 2019. We seem to think his music executed in a great way over the course of this year, and we received songs like "Free", "Tlk 2 Much", and "Head in the Clouds" from Anthony Paul.

"Free" had a very dreamy and inspirational melody maintained during the track. The echo-ey sounding that Anthony Paul integrates within his vocalism enhances that angelic and dreamy feeling to the "Free". We genuinely feel inspirited by Anthony Paul, which means he's artistically capable of transforming the emotional states of others. His music has that natural flow that can easily get in between mind and spirit, allowing our experience to be as positive as possible. We feel authentically relaxed by Anthony Paul, even considering his music has an exhilarating aspect to it. "Free" could've been a more mellow club track or the track playing in the background of a quiet Saturday night. The versatility is evidently there!

Other tracks like "Tlk 2 Much" was more mystic and emphasizing Pop/Hip-Hop elements. The speed of Anthony Paul's vocal performance attributes to the rapidity of the song, ironically adhering to the song title. Anthony Paul showcases his vocal dynamics more dramatically in this track, where "Tlk 2 Much" allows for moments for his vocal abilities to shine. Another track released by Anthony Paul this year titled "Head in the Clouds" has been the most recent soundings we've seen. Anthony brings back that ethereal-type feeling with the introduction of the track and maintains that prominent magical pop sound during the rest of the track. We're intrigued by Anthony Paul regardless of the ambiance he sets with the track, and so 2020 will be a year of patiently waiting for more tracks of Anthony Paul!

Give a listen to the 2019 releases of Anthony Paul here.

Hey Anthony Paul! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! 2019 saw three notable releases from you. Out of the three releases, which one did you feel you put more of your personal life into?

Hey BuzzMusic! Thanks for having me again! Out of my three releases, I would say that “Free” really hits home for me. I make sure that all of my songs carry a piece of myself, but “Free” is really authentic to how I was feeling at a moment in my life and the things I needed to here. I really needed to claim my confidence and embrace myself. Doing that really empowered me to further focus on my music, expand on my artistry, and really refine who I want to be as an artist.

"Free" was an enigmatic, yet serene track release. How did you find the inspiration to come up with the production?

The production for the song was inspired by the feeling of being bigger than yourself. I wanted the song to feel like wind through a dessert, or birds in the sky. When I think about the word “Free” I think about bliss. I wanted the song to feel smooth, colorful, and majestic in a way. I remember standing on top of the Hollywood Sign when I first moved to LA. It’s such a surreal feeling looking down such a big city and realizing how small you really are. At the same time, I felt empowered to one day become bigger than ever.

Experimenting with various genres over 2019, which genre would you say you've grown more accustomed to within this year?

I wouldn’t say that I have grown accustomed to anything yet. Overall, Pop is where my heart is but that is such a broad term. I am growing to really find my “sound” more. I think I have so many more ideas to release before I can truly answer this question. Ask me again in a year lol!

Your most recent release "Head in the Clouds" debuted not too long ago! Walk us through how the writing process differed for this track, compared to the very first track you wrote as an artist? Is the writing process more refined as we approach the end of this year?

“Head in the Clouds” is my personal favorite because it was the first time where I had no previous ideas in order to create the song. I remember being up really late one night and, in that moment, said “I’m gonna make a song right now.” So, I sat down and just “threw paint” basically, and from that “Head in the Clouds” came to be. I remember making my very first song called “Unheard” for my first EP back in 2013. It was such a process that required so much energy which is the title of that EP is called “The Process”. I was new to writing and my artistry. Now, it’s so simple to me. I sit down and just create what I feel. It gets easier every time.

We've always talked about how versatile your sound is, and how much potential it has to become even more seasoned. What steps are in place to help yourself grow artistically?

Right now, I am working with an incredible team of friends who also are crazy talented. I have learned so much from working with them. Dan Dann and St. Deon have been involved with the creation of my last three songs, writing and production. I have grown so much already because I am able to hear my songs from different perspectives. It’s great to collaborate with friends because each of us say the same things just in different ways. I believe that always being open to learn rather than being ready to teach is the best way to grow exponentially in whatever you pursue.

It's always a pleasure to feature you and your music on BuzzMusic! As of right now, is there a planned release date of future music?

Thank you so much for having me! Right now, all I can say is that there is A LOT of new music in the works. Release dates T.B.D.! There may be something new as early as January 2020! I am beyond excited for this new chapter of music. It is really shaping up to be my best yet and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!