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Anthony Paul is back with a Transformative New Sound

Hailing from Twinsburg, Ohio, Anthony Paul is a talented singer/songwriter and producer. Previously featured on BuzzMusic for his absolutely smash hit “Free”, Anthony Paul is back with an incredible hip-hop-inspired bop titled “Tlk 2 Much”. Leading with crisp, clean production, and a thoughtful set-up that’s considerate of everything from the lyrics to the vocal arrangement and harmonies, the song offers up a fairly classic and mildly nostalgic hip-hop ambiance, with a softly energizing pop edge. This helps broaden its reach and effectively create something that’s easily suitable for any number of situations. Providing either the calm you need at the end of a long day, the boost you need at the start of the next, or just something to get you feeling good about the weekend or life itself, “Tlk 2 Much” proves to be a brilliantly crafted and heartfelt hit of songwriting and escapism.

Anthony delivers flawless verses. Pulling from his wide variety of musical influences, he has a voice that’s seasoned well beyond his years. He pours his emotion into his lyrics and music. “Tlk 2 Much” is well-produced, brilliantly delivered and an overall dreamy hit. Anthony Paul is swiftly finding his own lane within the music world, and this track speaks volumes on behalf of that. An impressive and fairly timeless new release. Well worth a few spins at volume.



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