Antonia Kirby Stuns Us With Powerful Vocals And Honest Lyrics In “Fool”

Antonia Kirby is a gifted singer/songwriter from Warwickshire. The budding songstress states that music is her happy place, and that's clearly evident through the level of charisma, confidence, and joy she brings to her vocal performances. After a brief hiatus, the mother of two under three has released her debut EP on all major streaming platforms and has thankfully returned to the gig scene just this past month. 

“I love to sing - it is one of the only times I ever feel I can be 100% myself.” - Antonia Kirby

Antonia’s latest release “Fool” is a delightfully jazz-pop inspired single that was composed of international award-winning jazz artist Tom Haines. He assisted Antonia with the music while she wrote the melody and passionate, vulnerable lyrics. “Fool” focuses on a relationship filled with emotional turmoil, but no matter how many times the same mistakes are made, you always run back to them. The single is gorgeously easy-going and drives with that same sense of optimism and love for the art-form that always seems to stand tall in Antonia’s writing. The overall sound and style lean off in its own notably jazz direction. This artistic choice works beautifully considering the context and the story-line.”Fool” is a strong introduction to Antonia Kirby who has a clear skill for songwriting, a simple yet effective musical approach, and an impressive live show! 

Check out “Fool” here.